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Importing Budgets and More

Next week's release will just about complete the budgeting functionality online. In the next few days we’re releasing an update to Calxa online that will take the budgeting abilities up a significant notch – you’ll be able to export and import budgets. In addition to...

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23 Ways to Improve Cash Flow

The ultimate list on how to better your cash position Article first published in SavvySME in October 2017.   Positive cash flow is crucial for any business’s financial success. If your cash flow is in a poor condition, your company is in major trouble. Tracey Loubser,...

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Verdict on NZ Charity Compliance

It's been two years since the new reporting standards were introduced. New Zealand’s Charity Services is pleased with the compliance rates after the second full year or reporting under the new standards, with overall adoption improving from 65% to 82% - which suggests...

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Small Business – The Eternal Optimist

Despite evidence to suggest otherwise, business owners remain confident To go into business, you have to be something of an optimist. You have to believe, with some level of confidence, that you can change your future and make it better. What happens after you’ve been...

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Updated Calxa Terms

General Data Protection Regulation will take effect from 25 May. You’ve probably heard this story from dozens of websites and software suppliers lately and it’s all down to the Europeans. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect suppliers who deal...

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