Oomph for your QuickBooks

Calxa and QuickBooks Online together deliver powerful business insights. Reporting on cashflow forecasts, 3-way forecasts, budgets, KPIs and so much more.


Making your QuickBooks Online go further

QuickBooks Online cashflow forecast

Cashflow Forecasts Made Easy

To create a QuickBooks Online cashflow forecast, simply use Calxa with QuickBooks Online. Set your payment cycles for Taxes like GST, VAT, PAYG and Employee Liabilities and Calxa will project this forward. We take the hard work out of predicting your Trade Debtors and Creditors by calculating these based on last year. Then just add Balance Sheet and P&L budgets and your 3-Way Forecast is ready to go.

Automate your Reports

Choose from over 120 reports using Calxa, a QuickBooks Online Add on. Now add a cover and some notes and batch them to be delivered to your inbox each month. Don’t be limited by your chart of accounts and simply add headers to re-order them and summarise your data. Set workflows to automatically syncing your QuickBooks Online data while you are sleeping.

Reporting with Calxa a QuickBooks Online Add On
KPIs with Calxa and QuickBooks Online

KPIs to stay on Track

Some of the most powerful business insights are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We have designed some standard ones we think are useful, but you can supplement these by creating your own. Imagine tracking your core business targets each month. Farmers now can get insights into yield per hectare or revenue per kg of milk. Restaurants and cafes can check food cost percentages. Retailers monitor Average Transaction Values and more.

Budgets by Class, Customer or Location

Whether you want details or summary information, Calxa will give it to you. Using Calxa as an add on with QuickBooks Online, you can deliver better budget management, group your classes, consolidate at different header levels and report in rows or side by side. Lower level budgets can automatically roll up to the organisation budget and the Budget Factory will strip hours or even days from your annual budget process.

Budget with Calxa and QuickBooks Online

Deep Insights. Automated.

Calxa has been a leading add-on app for many years specialising in delivering deep insights to businesses and not-for-profits.


A favourite with bookkeepers seeking new income streams. Accounting practices moving into advisory, roll out Calxa across their team to improve productivity and increase profit margins.


120+ Pre-built Templates

Select from the many reports – line charts, bar graphs, number reports, pie or waterfall charts.

Re-arrange Structure

Re-group your chart of accounts to summarise and simplify your reports for the various audiences.


Report Designer

Customise your reports to add columns, adjust colours, insert logos, content. Make them yours.


Batch & Deliver

Batch reports into a Bundle, add a cover page, do some annotations and automate its delivery.


The Output

We designed and built this app for the end-user. Our top criteria is ‘Must be Easy’.


Visual data helps highlight patterns and trends. It makes it easy for the non-accountants and helps them to understand how things are going.

Traditional Reports

Sometimes you need to check in on the detail. There is nothing like a numbers report to expose the intricate detail and help find the variances.

Summarised Version

For the less savvy report audience, a summarised version helps to get a good snapshot of the situation.

Where Did Our Money Go?

Calxa’s flagship report answers some hot questions like how the timing difference between making a profit doesn’t always result in an increased bank balance.

What Customers Say

Join many other organisations saving time


Michelle Brown - Owner, Oakleaf Bookkeeping

"It's like air-conditioning. Once you've had it, you can't go without it."


Trevor McFarlane - Business Manager, Leisure Networks

"We have now been using Calxa coming onto 6 years. It still works a treat.."


Joanna Williamson - Owner, Golden Goose Foods Ltd

"I'm a raving fan. The most enjoyable budgeting experience I've ever had."

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