Integration with your Accounts

Making life easier and simplifying tedious tasks


Advantage of linking to your Accounts

Seamlessly linking to your data not only makes life easier, it makes sense


No Double Entry

Save yourself the hardship of double-entering your actuals each month. Schedule the auto-sync to do the heavy lifting for you.


Have confidence in the figures. There is no way of manipulating your actuals that have been pulled in from your accounting system.

Save Time

It’s one extra job you don’t have to do. Calxa will bring in all your actuals, updated accounts, cost centres and closing balances.

MYOB reporting add on

Linking to your MYOB

Once you connect to your MYOB AccountRight or Essentials file, we will extract the chart of accounts, all jobs and balances. Each month we will update the accounts and jobs to match your accounting system. You can then focus on getting the budget right and running reports. If you choose you can bring in your MYOB AccountRight job budgets too.

Linking to your Xero

On your first connection to Xero, we will bring in your account structure and tracking categories including opening balances. After that, each time you connect, the accounts are automatically updated as are any new tracking categories to save you having to add these yourself. You can even sync your overall Xero budget.

Xero reporting Add on
QuickBooks Online reporting Add on

Linking to your QuickBooks Online

The connecting to your QuickBooks Online data is seamless. Each month, any new accounts, classes, customers and locations are updated. We will even bring in relevant balances so you can easily compare these values with your set budget and run your management reports. If you already have budgets to your classes, simply sync these with Calxa.


Some Things are just a Given


Full Support

You are not left to your own devices. Our support team is available by phone and email to assist you when you need them.


Data Security

We totally get that you are dealing with sensitive data. So we have made sure we apply the most stringent security.


Use triggers to kick-start workflows that will automatically update your accounting data and deliver reports into your inbox.

What Customers Say

Join many other organisations saving time


Michelle Brown - Owner, Oakleaf Bookkeeping

"It's like air-conditioning. Once you've had it, you can't go without it."


Trevor McFarlane - Business Manager, Leisure Networks

"We have now been using Calxa coming onto 6 years. It still works a treat.."


Joanna Williamson - Owner, Golden Goose Foods Ltd

"I'm a raving fan. The most enjoyable budgeting experience I've ever had."

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