New in Calxa this month, we introduced Transaction Reports to most of our customers. We are rolling them out progressively but you can request early access if we  haven’t got to you yet. Coming soon we have sub-accounts in budgets and reports on payables and receivables.



Account Transactions Report are New in Calxa

This is the first of our detailed transaction reports. Essentially, it lists transactions for selected accounts and business units for your chosen date range.

New in Calxa Transaction Reports - Account Selection

Simply go to Reports, Builder, you’ll find it under Transactions (where else?) on the left side.

Furthermore, the options are many. For example, run it for:

  • One organisation or across a group,
  • A single business unit or an entire Business Unit Tree.
  • Select one account or a header from an account tree. Then choose to group your transactions by account or business unit.

Here is an example of what the Transaction Report looks like.

New in Calxa - Transaction Report - Example

This is the first of many transaction reports we will add over the coming months.


Transaction Report Rollout Plan

The Account Transaction report is now available to all Xero customers and many MYOB customers.

Early on, we did have some challenges with purged transactions and out of balance amounts in MYOB files that had been upgraded from older versions. To manage this, we have decided to only include transactions from 2020 onwards, and just monthly totals for periods prior to that. If you do need earlier transactions, and they exist in your MYOB data file, we can extend that period on request. Having resolved that issue, we are progressively rolling out the transaction synchronisation method to MYOB users and thus giving access to the new report. If you want it sooner, just ask!

Once the MYOB rollout is complete, we will work on finalising the QuickBooks transaction sync. Please be patient with that one.



Coming Soon in Calxa

Some exciting new features are going to be New in Calxa soon.


Sub-accounts in Budgets

In April, we will bring you the ability to add sub-accounts in budgets. These are budget-only accounts that will roll up automatically to a standard general ledger account. They will be perfect for accounts where you want to build the budgets from a selection of detail items.

A good example would be your software subscriptions. You might have one expense account where you record all your subscriptions, but you could then have sub-accounts under them to budget for your Xero/MYOB/QuickBooks subscription, your Calxa subscription, your Mayday/Dext/Weel subscription.

You could do this now with a selection of metrics but sub-accounts will be a simpler implementation and keep all your related information together.


Accounts Payable and Receivable Listings

These reports are a little behind our original schedule but we are working on this.. Very soon, you will be able to list your debtors and creditors for the end of any month (or the current date) for one organisation or a whole group. Watch this space!



Feedback is Always Welcome

We value your feedback. To make the most of this feedback, we record every scrap of information we pick up from our day-to-day conversations with you. Here, our quest is to learn what you need. Ultimately, we want to deliver what will help you get your work done easier. So, feel free to give us unsolicited suggestions at any time. Some will take time to implement but sometimes we get ideas from customers that are very simple to change and make a big difference.

Look out for our change logs with all the details of recent changes. As always, you are most welcome to reach out any time you need a hand or simply book a session with our team.