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7 KPIs for Retailers

KPIs for Successful Retailers is an important topic. Retail is a very competitive business these days, so Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a strong part in your success. Here is our list of 7 KPIs for Retailers. Your competitors aren’t just in the next town or...

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Tax Flow Forecast for Business

A Tax Flow Forecast is a key tool in planning your taxation payments. It is a report that shows your tax and superannuation obligations for the coming months.   A Tax Flow Forecast will show your GST/VAT, your PAYG/PAYE withheld from wages and your superannuation...

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KPIs for a Bookkeeping Practice

Bookkeeping practices are changing. They are very different to the way they were 5, 10 or 20 years ago and for this reason, bookkeeping practices need different KPIs (key performance indicators) to manage them and measure performance.   Using the right KPIs will...

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3 Ways of Working With Your Clients

No matter what you are working on with your clients, the goal is always to help your client to succeed.   When it comes to using reporting software, like Calxa, accountants have generally developed 3 ways of working with clients as a teacher, guide or advisor....

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How NDIS Providers Use Calxa

Over the past few years, the disability sector in Australia has undergone a major shift. To manage the transformation, NDIS Providers are using Calxa to supercharge their business.   NDIS Shift: From Bulk Funding to Fee for Service The introduction of the...

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