Do Complex Reports. Easy.

Start saving time and simplify your monthly management reporting.

Working for the whole Team

Insights prepared across the company

For the Bank

Make your Bank Manager part of the team and provide 3-way Forecast and KPIs so they can manage their risk.

For the CEO

Information you need to make good, well-informed decisions when you need it. The reports are clear and easy to understand.

For the CFO

Dive deep into operational insights to analyse performance and plan ahead. Help out the team with the reports they need.

Saving 1.5 Days each Month

Overcoming inefficiencies of spreadsheets


Calxa Premier is Calxa on Steroids

If you desire advanced functionality and are a power user, this was so made for you

Cost Centres

Budget and report against cost centres, departments, branches, projects, programs, jobs… you name it.


Report Designer

Add and remove columns, delete footers, change titles, insert logos and more. This super-powers your reports.

Document Editor

Polish off your reports by adding cover pages, images, notes and annotations to your report bundles.

KPI Builder & Metrics

Build custom KPIs to dive deep into the company data. Use non-financial metrics to monitor the drivers of performance 

Account Trees

Re-order your account structure to deliver summarised reports. Add these to reports to help non-accountants better understand.

Group Consolidations

Merge budgets, cashflow, balance sheet forecasts and KPIs across multiple companies.

Loan Wizard

Run this wizard to quickly calculate loan payment plans. Automatically add principal and interest payments to your budget. 

NDIA Claim Uploads

For NDIS Providers on MYOB AR Live, the NDIA bulk portal upload grabs time-billing invoices for quick claim submissions.

Multi-Currency reports

Create full multi-currency consolidations. Convert any of 170+ foreign currencies into your reporting currency.


Tim Reed – CEO, MYOB

“Cashflow is vital for the success of any business, it’s a business’ fuel gauge and from the MYOB Business Monitor we know that cashflow is one of the top three pain points for Aussie SMEs. Calxa is one of our valued developer partners helping ease the cashflow burden.”


It's all about the output

We designed and built this app for the end-user

Cashflow Forecast

The Cashflow Forecast Chart shows you at a glance what's going in and out of your bank, in a format that any non-accountant can understand.

Breakeven Analysis

Knowing where your breakeven point is proves important when planning out your growth.

KPI Comparison Chart

Have you made a profit but there’s no money in the bank? This report will help you see where else it’s gone and how you’ve funded the business.

Where Did Our Money Go?

Calxa's flagship report answers some hot questions like how the timing difference between making a profit doesn't always result in an increased bank balance.

Solutions to Manage Big Business

Deal easily with complex enterprise reporting

KPIs for Farmers

Manage seasonal budgets to predict your cash position. Get deeper insights with KPIs.

Multi-Branch Reporting

Track performance for cost centres, branches or simply consolidate it all.

Franchise Tracking

Consolidate data and report, track and forecast across multiple entities.

What Customers Say

Join many other organisations saving time


Michelle Brown - Owner, Oakleaf Bookkeeping

"It's like air-conditioning. Once you've had it, you can't go without it."


Trevor McFarlane - Business Manager, Leisure Networks

"We have now been using Calxa coming onto 6 years. It still works a treat.."


Joanna Williamson - Owner, Golden Goose Foods Ltd

"I'm a raving fan. The most enjoyable budgeting experience I've ever had."

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