Calxa is a fantastic product and has taken over as my main budgeting tool. I love the new look and functionality; the team has managed to improve on the ease-of-use of many complex functions. Also, I think that the website, supporting FAQs and webinars are a great reference for both old and new users.

Ian Hartley
Executive Accounting Information Systems | Accountant
10 August 2015

We are the first UK partners with Calxa and have been blown away with the functionality this software brings to the table. It will enable us to add yet more value to clients by delivering speedy, accurate and reliable management reports. The seamless link to Xero and ease with which we can specify reports make this a remarkable product. The support provided by their entire team has been second to none - nothing is too much trouble.

Peter Atkinson
Atkinsons | Manager
31 July 2015

The combination of Calxa and Paul Drendel has taken our business to a new place where we are staying relevant in an ever changing market. We are now offering our clients a solution that is mandatory to their sustainability but not time consuming to deliver. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM.

Tracking the costs of our activities is simple with Calxa. Eliminating spreadsheets has given us quicker, more reliable reports and better decision-making.

We use Calxa across a range of clients (SME and NFP) to provide reporting for boards, management and banks. No more messing with spreadsheets for budgets and cashflow. The process is simple once set up and provides insight into the business for strategic and planning needs. The ability to budget by jobs and categories is particularly useful and now that reporting can be done as batches the preparation of the reports is streamlined and fast, leaving more time for analysis.

Calxa is brilliant for management reporting and cashflow budgeting. Goes above and beyond the reports MYOB can produce but best of all it links seamlessly with MYOB without any fuss. This is a product that really delivers and saves a lot of time. Don't bother wasting time with spreadsheets. We have found that this is a product that adds value to our services with the reports it can produce and enables us to give better advice to our clients. It has many useful reports including 3-way projections and accurate cashflow budgets that are easy to create. Very reasonably priced for what this product can deliver. Highly recommended.

Calxa is easy to set up and use. It allows reporting on multiple jobs, which is ideal for non-for-profit organisations. Reports can also be customised to ensure you can create the exact format required by the organisation for reporting purposes. I also found the Calxa support staff very helpful and always available to answer all the questions I had.

Implementing Calxa in to most of the NFPs we work with, has reduced significant amounts of double handling of data, allowed a more streamlined approach to reporting and provided some great budgeting and cashflow features that most organisations are not aware of. Many are overwhelmed with reporting and carry out tasks the way they inherited from previous staff – we love showing them how effective tools such as Calxa can be for them, delivering tailored learning and support with great success.

Pam Chilman
16 July 2015

I had been looking for a program that could enhance my reporting to my clients on a monthly basis. Like many I always had the excuse of “I’m too busy to be learning how to use a new program”. This has given my client valuable insight into their business, has enabled them to provide their staff with targets for sales whilst understanding they need to keep their overheads to a minimum. I was able to produce reports & graphs to easily convey my message to the clients. Thanks Calxa, I am now looking forward to converting many other clients to the wonderful world of Calxa & value adding to my clients.

Calxa enables us to easily value-add compliance reports and simplify tax planning calculations for clients. The integrations and tools within Calxa enable it to be used across the majority of our client base. We have now made Calxa an integral part of our practice toolkit and I would recommend that if you are looking at stepping into the world of Add-Ons and advisory services, Calxa would have to be the first product you look at.

Tony Caccaviello
16 June 2015

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to accurately show a client where they are spending their money and what programs they need to cut or change to plug the holes. Calxa allows us to achieve this. It is an invaluable tool.

Karen Groves
01 June 2015

A hidden gem, Calxa is a fantastic product. Quickly & easily you can create budgets & cash flow forecasts. With some of the new features you can now bundle reports together & present them to your clients - providing absolute value via a "click of a button". I love using this product & my clients like to see graphs that can show them quickly how their business is tracking. The team at Calxa are all so very helpful. Thank you!

Melissa Newsome
In House Business Services | Owner Bookkeeper
30 May 2015

We have used Calxa from it's conception and worked with the great team at Calxa to enhance and improve how to budget and report from MYOB. A great add on that really enhances tracking Budgets from MYOB data files that can be configured to SCOA and now with the monthly report bundle option makes getting reports from Calxa really simple.

Ken Medhurst
20 November 2014

Calxa Reporting Bundles – brilliant! I want to congratulate you and your team on creating this new feature. It is a powerful tool, easy to copy and amend various report bundles and results in a significant time saving.

The visual impact of these reports enables our non-financial board members to rapidly grasp their content and interpret their results. The easy integration to our accounting system and other time-saving features significantly reduce the costs of our budget process – allowing us to use these resources in other operational areas. This software changes the way users relate to accounting reports and raise standards and expectations in the whole industry.

Traditionally, it was a difficult task to prepare our budget variance analysis for 60-70 cost centres manually in Excel. Combining MYOB data with Calxa is very cost-effective, saving us about 5 days a month. To add to this the accuracy of the reports, it’s been a great improvement for us.

Sri Vaddiparti
South Eastern Sydney Medicare Local | Finance Manager
17 September 2014

Makes light work of a normally tedious task. Especially with the integration there is no data entry and the budget factory helps me use my Xero data to create quick and easy budgets which flow through to my cashflow.

Cassandra Zantides
04 April 2014

In all my dealings with you, you have been willing to go the extra mile which made my decision to buy your product a "no brainer".

After testing the software we are very pleased with it's functionality, flexibility and ease of use. It does at the click of a button what we spend many hours doing via spreadsheets.

Calxa has made a great improvement to our board reporting. I can lock off the approved budgets and provide our board with variance reports for all projects each month.