Calxa Case Study – Morrison Creed

I needed to report budget by month and in MYOB I could only do it on an annual basis.

Kerry Gemmell

Consultant, Morrison Creed


Kerry Gemmell performs a range of consulting projects for a New Zealand based accounting and financial services company. She is always on the lookout for useful tools that will help her clients.

Need for more Reporting Capabilities

In 2009 she had installed MYOB at a client and was assisting them with some ongoing monthly reporting projects. The client, Dannevirke Kindergarten Association based near Palmerston North in New Zealand’s north island, needed reporting capability that was beyond the MYOB product they were currently using.

“Whilst the product was ideal to suit most needs, it lacked in areas of reporting,” Kerry says. “Specifically, I needed to report budget by month and in MYOB I could only do it on an annual basis.”


A few months later, Kerry attended a MYOB conference in New Zealand and came across MoneyManager (Calxa’s predecessor).

“I got a demonstration from Mick Devine, CEO of Calxa, and realised this was the answer to my clients’ problem.”


After Kerry and a colleague installed the software to check out the tool themselves, they were impressed by its user-friendliness in addition to the reporting flexibility.

“Because the software is so easy to use, we managed to get ourselves up and running without any problems.”


Back in the office, Kerry began using Calxa regularly to create all the reports her client needed.

”On a monthly basis I would update the client’s MYOB file and provide them a monthly profit & loss report by job with budget. It was perfect.”


Kerry’s client was so taken with Calxa they decided to install it and make use of the flexible, professional reporting functionality – and everything else Calxa offers – themselves.

“Calxa is even easier to use than MoneyManager and our client finds the reports perfect for their needs,” said Kerry. “Everyone there is happy and I particularly love the product. Anyone in my line of work should consider Calxa; you can produce budgets in a fraction of the time of spreadsheets, and the reports you can create are so professional looking and easy to understand.”


Kerry was also impressed with Calxa’s customer service. “They have a 0800 number that goes straight to support in Australia – they even answer after hours! Also, the webinars are very well run and ideal for old or new users,” Kerry says.


About Morrison Creed

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The Organisation

  • Organisation: Morrison Creed
  • Client: Dannevirke Kindergarten Association
  • Cause: Early Childhood Services