Calxa Case Study – Green Eggs

Calxa is a very important tool in our systems, and has become integral to our overall management reporting systems.

Shelley Green

Owner, Green Eggs

Shelley Green from Green Eggs was first introduced to Calxa through Paul Drendel of Capitis Accounting Solutions; one of Calxa’s Accredited Partners. Shelley is glad she took Paul’s advice and has since discovered the many advantages that the software offers her business.


Scenario Building provided Market Shift

Initially, she used the scenario testing features to evaluate the many different directions her business could take. As a result, the customer base for Green Eggs has shifted away from a wholesale market, to selling the products directly to end users such as restaurants, hotels and family shoppers.


Dashboard for Day-to-Day

With the increase in customers, Shelley has found Calxa’s dashboard useful for the day-to-day management of Green Eggs. “We need to be constantly on top of debtor payments, and Calxa instantly provides us a Key Performance Indicator of our average Debtor Days every time we open up the program.”


Managing Erratic Cash Flow

Primary producers, such as Green Eggs, typically struggle with highly erratic cashflow and are exposed to a high number of variables. Shelley has found that forecasting cashflow reduces uncertainty and helps her make informed business decisions.

“We can easily forecast the effect of price movements in our budgets to gain an appeciation of the overall impact on the business. This helps us in trying to mitigate any of these ‘uncontrollable’ forces.”


Importance of Cash Flow Monitoring

Calxa has contributed to the success of Green Eggs.

“We have had rapid growth in the past 10 years, with substantial capital improvements. Cashflow is important to us, and Calxa helps monitor this very easily, and also lets us establish what level of borrowing we may require for any further capital works. We can easily produce scenarios for our lenders, to demonstrate that we have the capacity to service our loans. With Calxa we are able to produce up-to-date reports and an analysis of our actuals versus what we had budgeted.” said Shelley.

Ultimately, the fear of struggling with cashflow and not being able to manage a profitable business has been alleviated for Shelley:

“We know that a high growth business can struggle with cashflow, and while it may be profitable, it may not have enough cashflow to survive. We have invested too much in our business to let this happen. We now have a huge range of customers that rely on us supplying our product, so the last thing that we want is to be in a position where we can’t adequately service their needs.

Calxa is a very important tool in our systems, and has become integral to our overall management reporting systems.”


About Green Eggs

Shelley and Allan Green, owner operators of Green Eggs, use sustainable and ethical farming practices to produce and provide fresh, quality eggs. Their free range egg farm has received a number of awards including 2006 Weekly Times Farm Business of the Year, 2008 Champions of the Bush “Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award” and more recently the 2009 Gold medal – Vogue Entertaining and Travel Producer Awards. They are great believers in providing a good product to their customers as well as applying good practices in managing their business to remain sustainable in a challenging market place.


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