Calxa Case Study – BHP Prosper Atkinsons

“Calxa has been a truly remarkable tool which has helped us (and continues to help us) deliver reporting functionality second to none.” 
Peter Atkinson

Practising Accountant, BHP Prosper Atkinsons - York UK

The Problem

The firm’s client was a developing high tech medical company using Xero as their accounting system. They were supported from the USA by a group which in turn uses QuickBooks and Xero. In addition, there was consosiderable complexity added as the group recently bought a business in Finland. This resulted in the need to consolidate business reports and operating plans efficiently.


Restrictive Accounting Rules

The Finnish accounting rules are quite restrictive meaning reporting from within Xero directly wasn’t an option. Nevertheless they dovetailed their accounting system with Xero as they were determined that Calxa would remain their reporting tool.



The Solution

A little pre-planning and identifying the key points helped the team come up with a practical and efficient solution.


Easy Multi-Currency and Consolidated Reporting

In a short space of time they were able to produce 3 way reports and forecasts for use locally. In other words, this included reports in Euros, £ and $, together with consolidated reports in US $.


Plan Changes at the Touch of a Button

And the best part is that changes to plans can be made with ease and reports produced at the touch of a button. For instance, a recent request to amend the format of a report was handled with ease. It was mainly due to the immediate professional support coming from Calxa. Peter marvels,

“Bear in mind we are at the other end of the world to them.”

The response from the US Team is summarised in one word ‘AWESOME’.


Evan as a Calxa convert, Peter was amazed at how quickly he was able to produce these consolidated reports across multi-currencies and multiple companies.

“Calxa is truly a special piece of software.”



About BHP Prosper Atikinsons

Atkinsons was founded in 2000. Their eight staff are headed up by father and son team Peter and Chris Atkinson. The the firm has invested heavily in cloud accounting and is a Platinum Partner with software company Xero.

Later on, Atkinsons merged with BHP Prosper, top 40 UK firm, to create a substantial operation, focused on providing real time financial information to businesses, cloud accounting and commoditised tax services. They have been using Calxa over many years.



The Organisation

  • Organisation: BHP Prosper Atikinsons
  • Cause: Progressive Accounting Firm based in UK