Latest Calxa Online update delivers report improvements and admin features.

Ho Ho Ho … The latest round of new online features have just been released in time for Christmas and oh what joy it will bring. The Report Bundle Document Editor will allow you to be creative by adding cover pages and editing them straight in your browser app. Along with the first step of our new self-service billing portal which will see you managing your subscriptions and more with a click of a button.


Document Editor

As familiar as Microsoft Word, the Doc Editor will make the difference to your reports by adding logos or commentary in the header or footer like “Expenses down by 15% due to xyz” or simply enhancing your report bundle by adding a cover page.

If you are already using the online app then this user-friendly Doc Editor is a welcome addition. For those of you who haven’t, log in and start enhancing your reports with this exciting new feature.


View Subscriptions

The subscription menu currently views a list of all your subscriptions with summary information, including next payments, connected workspaces, users and organisations. This new feature is the first of the billing sub–menus. As a billing contact you can view all the subscriptions to see how many users and organisations have been used along with setting references and renaming each subscription for easy identification and overall subscription management. You also have the ability in Payment Details to update Credit Card and Direct Debit information which will reduce the risk of missing a payment.


User Profile Menu

The User Profile menu is being designed to clearly link Admin and Billing. It is accessed by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of the browser app. A small window drops down that is not obtrusive and shows you the different options. You can then switch back and forth between workspaces, admin and billing menus. This will give you a clear overall picture of subscriptions and their workspaces, the ability to invite new users and remove existing users, invoices and payment options. If you are the billing contact on a subscription then only you will have access. If you are marked as a Subscription Owner or Subscription Co-owner then access is granted to the Admin menu. For those of you that manage both your practice and your clients, this will make your life a whole lot easier and save you time – and you might even get to play a round of golf.

To wrap up the Admin Menu is the Organisation List which will display all your organisations across all workspaces. Originally clustered together they are now easily identified with the option to sync multiple organisations in the one screen. In order to protect the security of your account, we have implemented a Reconnect functionality which re-authenticates with your accounting system.


Report Builder Default

Did you know that we have now set up new default criteria for each of the report templates that are available? This will make it easier to add reports with the correct date requirements for future use and is based on the most commonly used options. Once you have selected your template the report builder defaults will be used to generate the report preview.


Now that we have told you all about the exciting new features, check out how we’re Building Calxa Online.

To keep track with ongoing changes, we also maintain a Change Log which is published prior to each release.