NFP Donations in New Zealand have launched and are now available to additional community organisations. Not-for-Profit organisations across the Tasman can now benefit from our $1,000,000 software donation program. Grassroots NFPs can now take advantage of this program to save time on their budget management and improve reporting to boards and external authorities. Good governance is important in the NFP sector and this donation will help resource-poor organisations to reach their goals.

Applications can be made through Tech Soup NZ.


Update 28 February 2024

Over 10 years later, Calxa reached its an astounding donation goal of $2.5M this week with their donation to Student Volunteer Army (SVA), a great  community organisation that was born in the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes back in 2010. SVA is just one of many NFP Donations in New Zealand.

Emily Byrne, CEO of the Student Volunteer Army, is looking forward to using Calxa “The big thing for us, because we are funded via grants, partnerships and fundraising, is to track these different income streams making sure that we have the accountability or reporting needed and that we are not double dipping.“ With a board that requires regular reporting, Emily will use a series of reports to deliver performance insights. On the other hand, Program Managers and the SVA’s Chief Financial Officer will track details of their activities making sure overspending is kept in check.



About the Connecting Up Program

Calxa Australia has partnered with Connecting Up and TechSoup New Zealand to provide $1,000,000 worth of budgeting software to grassroots Not-for-Profit organisations across Australia and New Zealand. Through the alliance, Calxa donates its Calxa Premier budgeting and cashflow forecasting software to smaller Not-for-Profit organisations that meet the Connecting Up eligibility criteria. This will allow grassroots organisations to achieve the same productivity increases as their larger counterparts – freeing up resources to be directed towards core services. Everyone expects NFPs to spend more of their resources on service delivery and less on administration. This is Calxa’s way of helping them realise this goal while still providing the reporting needed to achieve good governance. NFP organisations with turnover under $1m are encouraged to apply.


For more information please contact:

Mick Devine, CEO Calxa Australia Pty Ltd Email: [email protected] Phone: 0433 77 88 05