We made a big fuss about the Business Unit makeover last month so we’re finishing the year with a collection of small but useful improvements. We hope that at least one of them makes your day!



Report Improvements like ‘Using Actuals UpTo’

Reports are the foundation of the Calxa app. We get a lot of feedback and requests. Here are some improvements we have acted on.


Using Actuals Up To

We’ve added the ‘Using Actuals Up To’ filter on some more reports and charts. Some of these include

  • Where Did Our Money Go?,
  • Cashflow Statement (Indirect) and,
  • Balance Sheet with Prior Period.

This gives you more control over the content and it will now work well for any date range.

  1. If the end date is after the using actuals date, you’ll get a forecast with actuals for the initial periods and then budgets added.
  2. Set using actuals earlier than the start date and you’ll get budgets for the whole period.


Cashflow Discrepancy Analysis Report is New in Calxa

While making changes to the Cashflow Statement, we’ve also added a Discrepancy Analysis report to it. You will find it on the dropdown list. Essentially, it shows the details of your non-cash accounts so you can quickly check what’s not balancing.


Account Trees for Where Did Our Money Go Report

New in Calxa in our next release will include the ability to add Account Trees to the Where Did Our Money Go report too. So, you will be able to group related accounts and exclude the non-cash accounts.



Speed Improvements

We made 2 changes that will make a noticeable difference to many users.

  1. Firstly, we’ve improving the way we queue synchronisation tasks, prioritising those starting from a Sync Now. Previously they joined the same queue as the Daily Sync and, at some times of the day, this meant you were waiting too long. That should be much better now.
  2. Secondly, there were instances where a report would appear to be running for a long time and wasn’t delivered to your screen. This has now been fixed and reports should run more reliably and in a more acceptable time.



New in Calxa: Transfer Owner and Payer

If you’re the owner or payer on a subscription, you can now easily transfer that responsibility to someone else. Remember that before you walk out the door on your last day!



Delete Old Subscriptions

Did you attempt a couple of trials before you finally committed to Calxa? You can now clean them up in the Billing area. You will need to cancel the subscription first – just so you don’t delete something by accident.



New in Calxa for QuickBooks France

Our French customers have just had organisation-level reporting until now. That has been expanded to include the full range of classes, locations, customers and combinations. That should keep a few people happy!



What’s Next?

We have lots of top secret plans but, if you promise not to tell everyone, we can give you a sneak preview. The big jobs our team are working on for the next couple of months are:

  • Global Report Styles: You’ll be able to set colours once for all reports and charts and add a logo.
  • Advanced KPIs: As well as some user-interface improvements such as better grouping and sorting, we’re improving the editing process. You will be able to type formulas (with auto-complete) and build a KPI based on another KPI. Your KPIs won’t break if you rename your Metrics or Account Groups. The last improvement, which will take a little more time, will be to dynamically link your KPI Account Groups to Account Tree Headers.
  • In the New Year we’ll add some more dashboards with the option to filter them by organisation, organisation group or business unit.



We’ll give you more of an update in January. But remember, we only know what to work on if you give us feedback!  To find out more about Calxa’s new features, go to our Product Info articles or check out our change log.