The upcoming software update will have some fixes and new online features.

The end of this month we will be releasing a Calxa update. It will have a mix of new online features and some improvements.

Well let’s start at the beginning.

Managing your Workspaces

For those of you hanging out for news on the Calxa Online progress, it’s good news this month! We’re releasing updates so you can manage both workspaces and organisations and easily update your own user profile online.


Admin Workspaces Highlights


One of the key benefits to this will be the ability to clearly see how many organisations and users you are licensed for and how many you are using. You’ll be able to segregate your organisations into different workspaces if you want, rename them, invite users and more. Think of a workspace as a container for organisations, similar to a database for desktop users. 


Overhauling the Break-even KPI

Thanks to our customers who lent us a hand and through their feedback uncovered a little glitch…

We’ve uncovered an issue where the Break-even Point KPI didn’t produce results if you were making a loss – and often that’s when you need it most. This will be fixed up and ready for implementation.

If you have never run this chart before check out our Chart Descriptions help note for more details.


Where from here…

Having spent a few months working on the backend of the online app, most of our team are now focused on front-end features that you’ll be able to work with. Have a look at the Online Diaries to see some of the report designs that are coming your way in the next few weeks.