There are milestones in every journey and for us, having full Calxa Express functionality in the browser app is one of the big ones – but we got there! At the same time, we released improvements to the budget editor last week and next week you’ll get the Report Designer online.


Budget Improvements

There was some minor tidying up of the budget screen but the most useful and obvious features are:

  • Editing the total column. You can now make changes to the Total column and it will recalculate the monthly amounts proportionately. The neat trick here is that it doesn’t just work with your annual budget – it works with whatever date range you have displayed so you could update just August to December or any range you choose.
  • Totals are now displayed for all Header accounts. When you contract the display by these totals you’ll still see the values for that section. One day soon we’ll make these editable too!


Report Designer

Our more advanced users love the ability to customise reports in the desktop application and we’re in the final testing stages of the online version. You’ll be able to add your own logos and branding to reports, add and remove columns and much more – making Calxa the most flexible and powerful business reporting tool you’ll find anywhere.


What’s in Calxa Express?

Express is for those of you who need to report on a single organisation at one time. If you’re a business with just one company (or 2 but you’re happy to report on them separately), Express will give you our full range of reports, including cashflow forecasts. You can create as many budgets as you need for scenario planning, you get the built-in KPIs and the ability to bundle your reports and schedule delivery.


How to move from desktop to online?

If you’re using Calxa Express with your data online (check the status bar next time you open it – or ask us), simply sign in to see all your existing information – but everything is easier to use and you’ll get access to the new reports and automation.

If you’ve been a long-time Calxa Express user, your data is likely to be in a local database (again, check the status bar at the bottom of the screen). To get help to transfer your workpace, simply book a session with your team by picking a suitable time here. Then you’ll be able to access it through your browser from anywhere in the world and take advantage of all the new features.


How much does Calxa Express cost online?

If you have an existing subscription there is no extra charge to use the new online features – it’s all part of the subscription you currently have. Especially if your accounting software is online, there are many benefits – from automation to new features to more modern looking reports.

If you’re not currently using Calxa, the subscription price is $99/month (plus $11 for a second company). If you’ve tried previously and want to have another look, sign up for an online trial and we’ll help you along the way.