All reporting functionality available online – 122 Templates and counting

Thanks for all the great feedback from those of you who have been running reports in the online browser app for the last few weeks.

This week we’ll be ticking off the final pieces to reporting and all functionality will be available online.

Anything you can do in the desktop, you can now do from your browser, wherever you are, on almost any device.

You can now edit business unit lists online so you can easily choose which cost centres, jobs or tracking categories you want to report on. As in the desktop, you get the option to show details, consolidation or both, depending on what you need.

Report Bundles are rounded out by the ability to now copy any bundle or any item from a bundle. If you missed it, we added the ability to drag and drop to re-order your bundle a couple of weeks ago.

Creating Organisation Groups for consolidating multiple entities has prompted some useful feedback – once you’ve created the group, you can then use it for any report. As much as we can, we’re trying to eliminate the need to do anything more than necessary!

122 Templates and counting…

It’s taken some time to convert the entire range of report and chart templates to the new, modern format but it’s finally done. You should be able to find the ones you need easily with the new Report Builder – filter on the left, select from the Featured reports or just search at the top. We have renamed some of the templates but most of them should be clear – let us know if they’re not!

Upgrades/Downgrades and more

You can now easily manage your payment details online, changing your Direct Debit or Credit Card information when you need to – all under your control. Just go to Billing within the app.

The other thing you can do is upgrade/downgrade your subscription. Need to add another organisation or user? We’ve made that much simpler than it used to be. When you no longer need the extras, simply reduce the numbers and your subscription will be adjusted accordingly. If you need to add users for the next few months while the whole team is busy editing budgets, add them now, remove them when you’re done – pay just for what you need and no more.

There’s more to come in the next few weeks, with the Budget Builder being the next big feature. Keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep improving!

If you want to know more on this week’s update, check out the change log.