Over the course of the last 12 months, we have provided many tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your experience with Calxa. In the bustle of the day-to-day you may have missed some of these. So, we thought it would be great to finish the year by bringing you a summary of our selection.


We give you The 12 Calxa Tips of Christmas.


  1. Prefix connected organisation names with a client code for easy sorting. (Admin)
  2. Change your budget layout screen to give you a 12 month view across different financial years to help when entering and viewing seasonal budgets (My Workspace, Budgets & Actuals)
  3. Enter a Bank Overdraft Limit to show ‘Available Funds’ on Cashflow Forecasts (My Workspace, Settings, General)
  4. Budget for Overdraft Interest by creating a customised KPI (My Workspace, Settings, KPIs)
  5. Enter a currency rate or percentage ownership value when consolidating files with multi-currency or partial ownership (My Workspace, Settings, General)
  6. Speed up data imports by limiting the numbers of years of actuals, and / or suppress the import of Departments & Projects (My Workspace, Settings, General)
  7. Use workflows to schedule updates from  your accounting system and to automatically deliver your reports (Automation, Workflows)
  8. Use the Budget Factory to quickly populate cost centre and organisation budgets based on prior year actuals (My Workspace, Budgets & Actuals, Budget Tools)
  9. Add notes to your budgets to record any assumptions on values entered into budgets (My Workspace, Budgets & Actuals)
  10. Use Account Trees to simplify Complex Chart of Accounts, or when Consolidating Organisations, or assisting with Tax Return Reporting (My Workspace, Settings, Account Trees)
  11. Create Customised KPIs to easily prepare Tax Reconciliation Calculations (My Workspace, KPIs, KPI Builder)
  12. And Bundle, Bundle, Bundle! Create a Report Bundle, Copy a Report Bundle , Deliver Reports that your Clients Can’t Live Without, and Keep Clients For Life (Reports / Bundles)


We hope you are going to put some of these tricks into action and save loads of time. That’s our gift from us to you. Keep safe this holiday season.