Long awaited new feature to help transition desktop users to Calxa Online

Many of you already store your Calxa data in an online workspace – it’s been the default option since 2016 – but we have several hundred users who have been with Calxa for much longer than that and use a local or network database.

Our longest-running customers started on MoneyManager back in early 2001 and transitioned to Calxa in 2010. In the next few days we will release a Workspace Transfer tool that will copy all your local data into an online workspace so you can enjoy all the benefits that brings.



Why move online?

By moving online, you get the immediate benefit of easier accessibility and collaboration, sharing access with people outside your office (they have to have Calxa installed of course). The real benefits though, will come from using the cloud app. This is accessed through any modern browser such as Chrome, Safari (yes, it works on a Mac!), Internet Explorer, Edge or Firefox. Just use the Sign-in button at the top of the Calxa website.


What features are available now?

The Calxa online app is a work in progress and we have completed Workflows, Report Bundles, most Reporting functionality, most Billing options and the Financial Settings. New features are added regularly and Business Unit reporting will be released in the coming days and multi-entity consolidations in the next couple of weeks.

We’re redesigning everything as we move online (you can follow our progress in more detail in the diaries) and the new Budget Editor will be next out of the blocks, followed by Account Trees and KPIs.


How to move online

The short answer is:

  1. Sign in to Calxa (from the desktop software);
  2. Run Workspace Transfer;
  3. Select your local or network database and it will copy all the content;
  4. Reconnect to your accounting data.

This will move each organisation and associated Budgets, Account Trees, Cashflow Settings and Customised Reports. In addition, it will transfer any custom KPIs and all your Report Bundles – everything you need.

For a more detailed explanation, read the help note. As always, if you get stuck, contact our Customer Support Team at [email protected]