Next week will see representatives from a number of NDIS service providers, from in and around Townsville,  meet to discuss issues and compare experiences as they begin the transition to the NDIS.

After a hectic couple of months on the road helping to deliver unit costing workshops in conjunction with the New South Wales Council of Social services, Calxa’s NDIS Specialist, Kristian Schader has been working to put togther this group in response to what he has seen as a need for a combined approach to the new funding scheme.  Kristian has been speaking to a number of service providers in different states and says that there is so much variation in terms of available information and disconnected information pathways, that a need exists to “get it right” in the North.

“Every week I speak to a new person involved in the NDIS and pretty much every person has a different perspective on how the NDIS is going to work (or not work) for them.”, he says. “As we move away from the Block Funding model to the new system, organisations are having to overhaul their internal systems and develop total new processes to remain sustainable. This rapid need for change is something that unless managed correctly with the correct inputs, can quickly lead to some serious issues in terms of cashflow and organisational stability.”

With this in mind communications began with numerous local North Queensland organisations to come together to help each other with a unified approach.  “We have learnt a lot during the pilot rollout in NSW. Now it is our turn to share some of this knowledge here at home and help strengthen our local NFP sector.”

The first meeting is being held to put a structure in place and provide a bit of a roadmap. As it develops it is hoped to be able to introduce different levels of education into the process, allowing for workshops in things such as unit costing, financial budgeting and any other topic the group decides on. As the group develops, so will it’s effectiveness.

The inaugural meeting of the North Queensland NDIS Group will take place on 01 December between 3-4pm at the Calxa Offices.
If you are interested in attending send Kristian a quick email at [email protected].