Update 28 June 2016

The method outlined in this blog is no longer supported as we have since introduced Calxa Online Workspaces for improved cloud capability. For the ‘How-To’ see our Help Note Calxa Online Workspace.


Take advantage of cloud data storage and create a Windows SQL Azure database that you can access from any Calxa installation. This will make it easier to work from home or to share your budgets with your accountant. While Calxa Express users were previously limited to a local data file and a single installation, this is no longer the case and we encourage Express users to take advantage of an SQL Server or Windows Azure cloud database, with Home and Office installations also available for Express and Premier users. 

What is Cloud Computing?

If you haven’t caught up with the latest trends then learn more about Cloud Computing and how Calxa makes your data accessible.

Increased Budget Factory Flexibility

Users of the Budget Factory will appreciate some simple changes that provide increased flexibility. With the addition of a target year, not only is the Budget Factory great for creating next year’s budgets but you now can use the same familiar tool to copy multiple budgets between versions, update multiple existing Business Unit budgets or copy actuals to the same year.

New Reforecast Unspent Budget Spreadsheet

While we are talking about budgets, have you ever wanted to re-forecast your budget by re-assigning your unspent or overspent budget to the rest of the year? Let Calxa’s new Reforecast Unspent Budget Spreadsheet report do it for you. This great new report will spread your unspent budget over the remainder of the year.

Improved Cost Centre Report Options

This release also provides the much requested ability to run Cost Centre Comparison or Cost Centre Budget Summary reports with consolidated Business Units to create a single Cost Centre. And while we were there we added many new fields to the Cost Centre Comparison report including Year to Date and Percentage of Sales options.

Are you all for Increased Performance and Portability?

Lastly there has been an important change to the way your data is stored that has allowed us to add a feature that copies entire organisations between data sources. Copy your company data between local, SQL Server or Azure databases, independent of the type, including Account Trees, Saved Business Unit lists and Cashflow settings. This important change means you can easily upgrade to an SQL Server for increased performance or copy your organisation data from SQL to a local data file for portability.