Beginning of the year always seems to be – eat, sleep, budget, repeat for many of us. We here at Calxa understand this and so we thought you might profit from a bit of time saving in this area. To make work easier and more efficient, we have created Budget Editing Tips.


Calxa Budget Editing Tips

Starting off the Budgets

When kick-starting your budgets in Calxa, the Budget Factory is the best place to get started. Here you can create budgets in a flash and mass produce multiple budgets at once. You can also create your budgets in different ways, depending on your existing data.

  1. Use last year’s actuals as a base.
  2. Copy from another budget version.
  3. Import existing budgets from a spreadsheet.

Without further ado, let’s get stuck into some of these budget editing tips.


Budgets for Planning

For planning purposes you can use partial budgets to complete your forecasts to predict your organisations cashflow position. Whilst editing your budgets and amending versions, add comments to any changes you make to keep track of your thinking. Then you can add the Notes Report to your report bundle to give a concise description of reasoning to your boss or board.


Changing Full-Year Value

When editing a full year by a certain percent increase/decrease or injection of capital you can retain seasonality over the twelve-month period in your new budget version by just changing the row total. This will in turn apply the total proportionally to each month based on current ratio. We are building sophisticated budget formula functionality which will be available before the end of year.


Budgets in Multiple Windows

This may seem the simplest of all budget editing tips. To work more efficiently, for example, you can open multiple budgets and viewing them either side-by-side in the software or on your other screen (if you have two).


Present your Budgets

When it comes to presenting your budgets, or even viewing them in a cohesive format, use the P&L with Projected Total report.. This is the best report to use when delivering your budgets to key stakeholders. Simply, filter the templates for ‘Actual vs Budget’ and then type ‘Projected’ into the search field.


Lock the Approved Budget

When you are editing Calxa budget versions, it is important to copy your approved budget into a new budget version for editing. To avoid accidental overwriting of your approved budget, use the ‘Lock’ button on your Approved Budget to make sure that data integrity is maintained. You find the ‘Lock’ functionality in the Budget Manager where you simply click on the padlock.


Learn More Budget Editing Tips

To learn more about budgeting, download our Budgeting Tips for Not-for-Profits Guide. We hope that some of these Calxa Budget tips will prove useful for you and your organisation.

If you have any questions about these budget editing, contact our Support Team as they are more than happy to help.