The next Calxa software release is not far away.  As usual there will be some improvements and enhancements. The cherry on this release cake is the new Metrics. This new feature signals, ever so gently, the coming of our full KPI & Formula calculator. 


Next Calxa Software Release

Easier Consolidation with Account Trees 

When consolidating multiple accounting files, you’ll often find that the chart of accounts isn’t identical. This is even more of an issue when you are consolidating data from different accounting systems, such as one from MYOB AccountRight, one from Xero and one from QuickBooks Online. With Account Trees, Calxa makes it simple to create a common structure. 

The basic idea with Account Trees is to create a new set of Header accounts in Calxa and then drag the detail accounts under them. You can create multiple levels of Headers to get the structure you need for your management reporting – regardless of what you have in your accounting system. 

What’s new this week is the ability to copy an Account Tree from one entity to another. It will copy across the header structure and automatically match any accounts with the same number and name as the original. Drag across any unmatched accounts to the appropriate spot and then save your changes before moving on to the next organisation. 

In the Report Builder, create your Organisation Group and choose the new common Account Tree for each of your organisations. To save a few seconds of your time, select the Account Tree for the first organisation and then click the icon at the top of the column to propagate your selection to all the others. 

Update: In November 2019, the Calxa software release added some more power to Account Trees. Have a read on 7 Uses for Advanced Account Trees.


Improving Security – Constantly 

We care about the security and integrity of your data so we’re regularly reviewing our systems and processes to look for gaps and inconsistencies. We recently took up an offer for a review by the technicians at Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks Online. They found no serious issues but did have some suggestions on some low-risk improvements so we’ve implemented those in the last couple of weeks. Unless you’re a hacker you won’t notice anything different. If you are a hacker, you’ll find your job a bit harder now so please go elsewhere… 


Metrics will be Online Next Week 

Our testing team is reviewing the online screens for entering Actuals and Budgets for Metrics and we’ll release that in the first week of December. It will work just the way it does in the desktop app but now you’ll be able to do all of your data entry and updating in one place in your browser. We have some more advanced features planned but we’ll save them for the New Year – our developer team are now working on bringing you the KPI editor really soon.

Update: Metrics is now available, see our help note on how to enter actuals and budgets