While a choice from 120+ report and chart templates is enough for many of our customers, there’s always someone who wants that little bit more and needs to customise reports. Transforming your final output with the powerful report designer will do just that.


Customise Reports

Something as simple as adding a logo to a report or adding or removing a column can make a big difference in presenting your reports. And, sometimes changing the colours in a chart is a powerful way of customising to your audience. For those of you who do like to get your hands dirty with the advanced features of Calxa, the powerful Report Designer is now available online in the browser app.


The Power lies in the Flexibility

The sky’s not quite the limit but there’s lots you can do with this powerful report designer. For some people, it’s the look of the report that is important: add your logo, change the colours to match your branding and use your font.

Getting the right information is the motivation for many users. Many reports have additional columns that are not normally displayed but might be exactly what you are looking for. See the Customise Reports help note for all the possibilities. Charts can be switched from one type to another and you can change terminology to suit your needs. Our powerful Report Designer provides flexibility and helps you mould Calxa to your precise needs.


Get Started with the Powerful Report Designer

If you were familiar with the powerful report designer in Calxa Desktop, then much of the functionality is the same. It’s just in slightly different places to where it used to be. Start with the new Help Note for full instructions or join in our Web Chats and Events.


Talk to our Customer Support team to get started with these powerful customisations. And don’t be embarrassed about getting stuck – it happens to the best of us in this advanced area!