Sometimes 120 reports aren’t quite enough. There’s not one that quite matches your needs or vision for one particular purpose and you wish you had a customised report. That’s when you’ll appreciate using a reporting tool that comes with its own powerful Report Designer.

Sure, there’s a lot of flexibility in Calxa you can apply without getting technical: You can filter reports by business units, use different budget versions, run them for different date ranges. You can even shuffle, rearrange and summarise the rows with Account Trees. Not to forget, you can add KPIs to some reports to highlight key information. But sometimes you just want to get your hands dirty and make that report really yours. So, what can you do?


Build your Customised Report

The online Report Designer will be “familiar yet different” to those of you who have used the desktop designer previously. You can add your logo and change colours to brand your reports, you can add and remove columns to change the data – or include calculated columns.


Customising a Chart

When it comes to charts you can change colours, chart type, edit legends and filter data – and that’s just the start!

The standard templates use whole numbers but, especially for KPIs, it’s often better to use a percentage. Simple changes like this can make a big difference to the presentation of your work.

Watch this short video for a quick example of how easy it is to change the number format on a chart.



Customising Reports for Beginners

If you want to learn more, have a look at this help note Customise Reports. It will get you started and guide you through the basics of inserting a logo, changing formatting, adding/removing columns and more. If you’ve used the desktop Report Designer, this session will still be useful to learn the nuances of the online version – but we aren’t assuming any prior knowledge.

If you feel up to it, you can go a bit more advanced and have a look at webinar recording for Design your own Charts.