Financial Year End Resources for your Accounting System and your Calxa are here ready for you. How quick does the time go? And in a blink we are about to reach the mid-year-mark. Mentioning just one word: EOFY!

It’s time to stop for a moment and consider our next moves. This is no different at Calxa where we are starting to prepare ourselves for the tasks that lie ahead around the 30 June finishing line. There are compliance tasks to work on as well as governance standards to maintain.

Here are some resources we want to share with you.



Your Accounting System

Keeping the tax man happy is an important part of bookkeeping and accounting. Many of us are also accountable to others for our performance during the year. Whether that’s a board of trustees or directors, shareholders or just your boss. Now is the time of reckoning.

In Australia, there are a range of payroll and BAS lodgement deadlines coming up that require some fine-tuning and checking of our accounting systems. Our partners at AMC Training Centre run a series of End of Year Seminars & Webinars for MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks Online. Alternatively there is plenty of reading material available online:

MYOB Financial Year End

EoY Procedures


XERO Financial Year End

Do a year end in Xero

Complete end of financial year payroll requirements


QuickBooks Online Financial Year End

EoFY Seriously Easy with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online EOFY Guide



Your Calxa

Whilst there are no specific requirements for the end of year relating to your Calxa information, it’s a time when many of you will be firstly creating budgets for the new year and then reporting on both the year just gone and the one to come.

Having a sound EOFY process for your accounting system (as suggested above) will give you  clean books which in turn will give you a solid foundation for meaningful reports to enable great decision-making.

Here’s our advice on Preparing Next Year’s Budget and we did a recent Web Chat on  End of Financial Year Reporting that will help you with that.