There has been a lot of talk recently about Partner Equality in the accounting industry. Here at Calxa, we take our relationship with our Partners very seriously. We realise that it is very much a two-way street, that it is a symbiotic relationship which is designed to benefit both parties. And, from our perspective, and we aim to provide our Partners with a range of platforms and mediums to enable them to become the best at what they do.

Calxa, at it’s heart, is a software company that is proud to provide tools and technologies to aid in the accounting and reporting of the small business and not-for profit sector; a market that is very close to our heart. We see our Partners as part of our team. As the implementers and Enablers, we rely on our Partners to report with these tools into this sector. Without our Partners, Calxa users new to the software, are left in solitary confinement, with limited knowledge to do the hard yards in learning and integrating the software into their organisations. Frustration ending in disaster would not be far away – return to the tedious spreadsheets.

To our end, we endeavour to provide a range of support mediums to our Partners, as we understand that people prefer different learning methods and have competing time constraints. And, we also want to provide more than just faceless, online support. Let’s take a look at some of these mediums;

Industry Bulletin

This is delivered monthly to the Partner community and the accounting sector, and is designed to provide a range of topics that is relevant to the industry, as well as tips and tricks for getting the best out of Calxa.

One Minute Videos

A short, sharp one minute video, delivered to our Partner’s inbox regularly. Designed for partners who just need a quick fix, and does not take up too much time, but is hopefully relevant, and something that can be recalled for future reference.

Partner Webinars

Held on the first Wednesday of the month, this is an open forum for our Partners to come together and discuss the latest things happening within Calxa products, as well as in the wider industry. Usually no longer than 30 minutes, we provide an overall theme for the event and then open up for discussions on any issues that may be relevant at the time. Partners can either attend at the time, or register for the event, and have the content of the webinar delivered to them the following day, where it can be watched at a time that suits.

Calxa Clubs

Held around the country from time to time, and generally held in conjunction with other events that the Calxa team may be attending. An open invitation to Patners, and users, and it is a great opportunity for Partners to connect with current and potential clients. Usually a two hour event, with a theme for the first hour, and an opportunity for networking and open forum in the second hour. If you have an idea for a location and a time for a Calxa Club, drop us a line, and we will see if we can make something happen.


We endeavour to provide rich online content with an easily searchable library of event recordings, tips and cool ideas, help notes, training videos and blog articles. We add to this a comprehensive list of upcoming webinars which Partners and/or users can attend to gain a further understanding of different areas within Calxa.

Mentoring and Remote Support

If any Partner expresses the desire to learn more about Calxa, and is making a conscious decision to try and use all of the functionality in Calxa across a range of their clients, then we are more than happy to provide one-on-one mentoring to get them up to speed in the shortest time possible. All that is required is an email or call to our Partner Relations Manager, and a time will be scheduled to come together remotely and work on the Partner’s data. In most cases, within the hour, the Partner will have budgets created, and preferred reports bundled up and ready to be delivered to the client. Then after this first client is done, it becomes very easy to duplicate the process for the next client. Before they know it, they have set up the majority of their clients in Calxa, and additional reports are produced monthly or quarterly with a few clicks of a button. Ongoing support and troubleshooting from our team is a given. This is an open offer to all Partners.

We invest considerable effort in the support that we currently provide; if you have any ideas or thoughts about how we could do it better, then please let us know. We devote a lot of resources to this area, and we hope that we have got the balance right, but we are always open to feedback, good bad or otherwise. As that is what Partner Equality is all about…