This Software Update for November 2017 is exciting with new online features. Our team has been beavering away on back-end technology and infrastructure for what seems like aeons but next week, we’ll be releasing online features that will make your work easier – especially those of you who want to be able to run reports from anywhere.


Bundles in the Cloud

Do you have someone in your team who just needs to run some reports from time to time? Now, they don’t need to have Calxa installed (hey, they could even do this on an iPad!). Just invite them as a user to your online workspace and they’ll be able to log in and run any bundle you’ve created for them. You can export and print the bundles, just as you can in the Calxa desktop app. You’ll also be able to run an individual report from a bundle.

The bundle kits will let you create new bundles – but, at this stage, just with our pre-built templates. Over the next 2-4 weeks, we’ll add more functionality so you’ll soon have full reporting capabilities. For now, enjoy running report bundles from any place at any time.


User Management

Inviting a user will be easier from the online app – you’ll be able to invite a co-administrator or just a standard user – and you’ll be able to set permissions for them. We have plans to improve the permission-setting process further over the next few months but for now you’ll be able to do all you can do in the desktop app and more.


Subscription Management

This feature will probably be most useful to accountants, bookkeepers and our partners. You’ll be able to view all of the subscriptions you’re paying, including being able to easily see how many users and organisations have been used on each. You’ll be able to rename each subscription for easier identification, as well as adding a reference.
Adding, transferring and cancelling subscriptions is coming very soon!


We will keep our Online Diaries updated so you can follow the latest development.