So maybe Lynda Little at The Place: Charlestown Community Centre is exaggerating just a bit when she says “I practically live and breathe by it.” By it she is referring to Calxa and the change it bought to their organisation. Charlestown Community Centre received their Calxa through the Connecting Up Donation Program.

Since integrating their Connecting Up donated Calxa Premier, Lynda has saved many hours of blood, sweat and tears.


“It is very reassuring to have something which helps me keep an eye on our very scary budget. It is just brilliant in allowing us to forecast and manage our budget.”



Easy to Read Board Reports

She loves providing the Board with the easy to read reports. And now with the new charts she is finding reporting on trends that much easier.

The Place is an experienced Connecting Up donation recipient. It brings together seniors and work experience participants in their computer training room.


You can tell Lynda is a fan, “Thanks to the donations made by Microsoft and Symantec the computer room actually exists. It wouldn’t be there without their generous donations we would only have the bare essentials just for permanent staff.”



Five Steps to Board Ready Reports

If you are keen to improve your productivity and reduce some of the burden of board reports and grant acquittals read Lynda’s Five Steps to Board Ready Reports. If you do nothing else today, make sure to check out your eligibility for technology donations at Connecting Up.



Connecting Up Donation Program

Calxa has been partnering with Connecting Up for many years. In 2015, we reached our first $1 million donation milestone and are now well on our way to reach our next target of $2 million. Find out more about our donation program.