Well, maybe we are crazy. But then again, maybe it’s not a bad thing to do. We all live in the world and should contribute in the best way we can.

The philosopher Peter Singer suggests that, when choosing how to contribute, we should choose the actions that will have the most impact. For some people that’s donating their time to a local charity, for some it’s working for a charity, and for others it’s making a cash donation.

For us, the biggest impact we can have is to provide the Calxa application to organisations who are doing good in the world but wouldn’t normally have the resources to pay for it.

Who gets our Donations?

Our donations go to a wide range of small and medium Not-for-Profits throughout Australia and New Zealand. One or two have national recognition, like Black Dog Ride, but most are regional community groupings – Umbrella Studio here in Townsville, Healesville Indigenous Community Services Association in Victoria, the Old Treasury Building in Melbourne (worth a visit if you are ever in Spring Street), Radio Skid Row in Sydney, Reach Child Cancer in Christchurch and many more.

Measuring our Impact

A couple of years ago we used ACNC data to find out how much time is spent by charities on reporting.  We calculated that our customers are now able to do their reports in a quarter of the time compared to the national average – saving over $12 million dollars a year. We did this calculation solely on our paid customers as factoring in our donations would have increased the number of dollars saved significantly.

So, it’s easy for us to see that the best way we can help our community is by providing them with the best tools we can to save time with reporting.

As a reasonably small business, there’s no way we could have the same impact by donating our cash or our time. There are costs to us but one of the advantages of making software – compared to a manufacture of physical goods – is that those costs can be relatively low. There’s the infrastructure to provide the online services but probably the main one is our customer support team. We have committed to providing all customers with the same high level of support whether they are paying or receiving a donation.

The Million Dollar target

It started as one of those wild throw-away lines that never actually got thrown away. When we were asked by our friends at Connecting Up, when we started the program in 2011, how much we wanted to give away and a million dollars’ worth of software seemed like something that would take a long, long time.

It actually took less than 4 years but we see no reason to stop there!

If you work with a small or medium Not-for-Profit and want to help us get to the second million soon, we’d love to help.

Find out more about our donation program and see if it suits your organisation.