Taking time out to evaluate Calxa and compare forecasting tools will make sure you find the right fit for you. Ultimately, figuring out the best forecasting tool for the job is not an easy task. The question is, how do you compare ‘apples with apples’?



Evaluating Calxa

Honestly, we don’t think Calxa is the solution for everybody. Over time, we have listened to many questions from our prospective customers. After that, we combined these in the evaluation form here. It guides you to test the different features during your free trial period and if you are checking out other tools this is a good way of comparing them side-by-side. We’ve put together this checklist that we hope will make your life a bit easier.

Before you start, you can print this compare forecasting tools checklist as a working paper if you prefer. Just download the Word Document here.



Compare Forecasting Tools – The Checklist


Compare Forecasting Tools
Calxa Express
Calxa Premier
Accounts Integration
Links to MYOBYesYes
Links to XeroYes
Links to QuickBooks OnlineYesYes
Unplugged: Stand-alone or Excel ImportYesYes
3-Way ForecastYesYes
Statement of CashflowsYesYes
Transactional Forecasts (daily/weekly)NoNo
GST  / VAT Timing SchedulesYesYes
Automatic Estimate of Timing of PaymentsYesYes
Manual Override of Cashflow SchedulesYesYes
Cost-Centre BudgetsNoYes
Bulk Creation of BudgetsYesYes
Budget ScenariosYesYes
Budgets on any Date RangeYesYes
Multi-Year Budgets (up to 20 years)YesYes
Budget CalculatorYes
Budgets by Driver / MetricNoYes
Budget ImportsYesYes
Loan WizardYesYes
Report Library with 150+ Reports & ChartsYesYes
Ability to Batch Reports & ChartsYesYes
Flexible Cost-Centre ReportingNoYes
Dashboards – PresetYesYes
Dashboards – CustomisableNoYes
Document Editor for Annotations & ImagesYesYes
Re-arrange Chart of Accounts for ReportingYesYes
Global Report Styling & BrandingYesYes
Group Consolidations
Multi-Entity ConsolidationsNoYes
Multi-Currency ReportingNoYes
Inter-Company EliminationsNoYes
Business Units across EntitiesNoYes
Performance Tracking
KPIs & RatiosYesYes
Non-Financial MetricsNoYes
KPI Editor – Customisable KPIsNoYes
Report Designer – change Structure & FormatNoYes
Automation & Workflows
Automated Accounting Data UpdatesYesYes
Scheduled Report DeliveryYesYes
Automated Budget CreationYesYes
Time Requirement
Set up & Configuration (one-off)5 min 10 min
Initial Organisation Set Up (one-off)5 min 10 min
Monthly Reporting5 min 5 min
Monthly Reporting with Schedules0 min 0 min
Pricing (AUD)
other currency pricing available
Monthly SubscriptionAU$99 /mo AU$198 /mo
Extra UserAU$11 /moAU$11 /mo
Extra OrganisationAU$11 /moAU$11 /mo
Users included in base subscriptionUnlimitedUnlimited
Organisations included in base subscription11
Free TelephoneYesYes
Free EmailYesYes
Free Onboarding HelpYesYes
Online ResourcesYesYes
Classroom TrainingNoYes


Calxa features are continuously being updated and improved.