The grapevine is abuzz with word that Xero and Dropbox are joining forces. An announcement that is sure to make the headline of Xero’s highly anticipated Xerocon Conference in a few weeks time.

This will enable Xero users to access and share Dropbox files from within the Xero platform, which gives them the availability of increased storage facilities and enhanced workflows by having access to documents and the ability to share files with others.

Xero has also announced that further new features will be revealed as the year progresses including a special joint offer for small business customers to enable them to simplify their workflows and become fully cloud supported ensuring that records and documents are readily available wherever you choose to work.

Calxa’s move to cloud database storage will support customers by making all their data accessible from anywhere they have internet connection on a computer. This then enables the production of consistent financial reports and the sharing of information to internal and external parties.

Recently Xero has also released more payroll solutions for its US customers and improved inventory tracking. The addition of a new Item Inventory List Report enables users to get a real-time snapshot of their amount and value of their inventory – and also allows products to be ordered – thus enabling business owners to keep track of their stock.

Further information can be obtained from the Xero Payroll Resource Page, as well as their blog on What’s new with Inventory in Xero.