Is unit costing important to your organisation’s survival and success? The NSW Council of Social Services or better known as NCOSS has set itself in front of NFPs to build capacity in the sector. In line with this, Calxa and NCOSS have joined forces to deliver Unit Costing Workshops.

If you’re in NSW, come along to the workshops we’re presenting on behalf of NCOSS (NSW Council of Social Service). The focus will be on practical advice to show you how to get unit costing reports every month with minimal effort.


Unit Costing Workshops

The unit costing workshop is for organisations that have little experience in this area. It is designed around the use of the Calxa and MYOB. Although, the principles will be applicable to those using QuickBooks Online or Xero as well. It is a practical guide that aims to make unit costing accessible.

The course covers why unit costing is important and will include best practice on:

  • Setting up your Chart of Accounts in MYOB
  • Analysing your services
  • Structuring Jobs in MYOB
  • Connecting Calxa to MYOB
  • Importing or creating budgets in Calxa
  • Using KPIs to produce Unit Costs
  • Handy reporting tips.


Free monthly webinars will be available for participants to address problems as they arise. These will supplement the unit costing workshops.

Initially the workshops will be run in Sydney and various regional centres each month, starting in July 2015. For more details and to book your seat check out the NCOSS website.


Unit Costing can Help with NDIS

As an NDIS Service Providers you can greatly benefit from the this course. As part of their transition from a bulk funded to a fee-for-service business, pricing will be a key ingredient to stay sustainable. For this reason, the unit costing workshop will help you look at pricing to make sure the NDIA pricing guidelines are met. Have a look at how Calxa can help with managing the NDIS transaction.