Succeed as an NDIS Provider

Make an informed and positive transition to the new scheme.


Ensure your Sustainability

Three critical considerations to ensure your financial viability include Scenario Building, Unit Costing and Forecasting your Cash Flow. With Calxa, you can simplify business processes and provide accurate reports, enabling you to make better decisions for your organisation.

Scenario Building

With Calxa you can build budgets to model different activity levels and then quickly see the cash flow effect of each scenario. This enables you to plan effectively and make fully informed decisions.

Unit Costing

Costing your activities is a crucial part of staying sustainable. Understand the costs and revenue of each activity so you know which ones it makes sense to continue to deliver.

Forecast your Cashflow

The future may be less certain but you can still plan and build forecasts with your best available information. Also monitor key KPIs like Cash Reserves in Days or Working Capital – it all gives you a picture of your position.


A Sustainable Organisation

See how Leisure Networks has successfully transitioned into an NDIS Service provider and continues to grow with Calxa.

Making it Easier to Succeed as an NDIS Provider

Our customers love the reports from Calxa

Libby Mears - CEO, Leisure Networks

“Some of the key changes we have seen out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are very much around systems and processes inside the organisation… Calxa is a Key part of our integrated management system.”


How Calxa Makes Live Easier

We’ve built our app to help reduce the administrative burden on NDIS Providers.

We understand your needs and saving time is one of them. Our automated process makes it easier for you to deliver accurate reports and make informed decisions.

Program Budgeting

Easily manage your program budgets. Lock your approved version then copy to run re-forecast versions throughout the year. Create next year’s budgets in just minutes.

Program Reporting

Report the job detail or summarise it to an organisational level. Or, consolidate some programs to show combined values. Show programs across or down the page.

Cashflow Forecasts

Easily run regular cashflow forecasts. Once you set up the financial settings, simply attach the forecast to your report bundle. Lock 12 months ahead or many years.

Report Designer

Add and remove columns, delete footers, change titles, insert logos, add images – and that’s just the start. Make the reports look the way you and your board wants them.

Unit Costing

Unit Costing is important to figuring out your pricing. This is never been more critical than for NDIS Providers. Use the KPI calculator to know if your prices are turning the right margins.

NDIA Claim Uploads

For NDIS Providers that use MYOB AR Live, select time-billing invoices and submit them via the NDIA Portal Bulk Upload. It’s quick to claim your money back and manage cashflow.

Calxa works for NDIS Providers

Changing business models and transforming your organisation is no easy task. Calxa will do some of the grunt work to help you run a sustainable organisation.

  • Cost your Activities and Compare to NDIA Pricing
  • Compare Your Budget against Actuals
  • Easily Manage your NDIA Bulk Uploads
  • Know your Cash Position and Make Good Decisions


What we Deliver

We designed and built this app for the end-user. Our top criteria: ‘It must be Easy’.

The Charts below show sample reports for Not for profit and NDIS Service providers. The reports include Program wages to income chart, Gross profit Margin – KPI Cafe chart, Financial KPIs chart, bank movement waterfall chart, and cash flow forecast chart.


What Customers Say

Join many other organisations saving time


Michelle Brown - Owner, Oakleaf Bookkeeping

"It's like air-conditioning. Once you've had it, you can't go without it."


Trevor McFarlane - Business Manager, Leisure Networks

"We have now been using Calxa coming onto 6 years. It still works a treat.."


Joanna Williamson - Owner, Golden Goose Foods Ltd

"I'm a raving fan. The most enjoyable budgeting experience I've ever had."

Get NDIS Ready with Unit Costing

Understand unit costing to make your organasation sustainable.