National software company Calxa welcomes the switch to the new NBN this year following major disruptions to their internet and phone services since Tropical Cyclone Yasi hit North Queensland last month.

Following weeks of interrupted communications since the natural disaster, Calxa Australia is eagerly waiting for an NBN connection to its Townsville office. Staff have been dealing with crackling phone lines, internet drop-outs and slow internet connections. Calxa is highly reliant on the internet to engage with its not-for-profit and small business customers, hosting online training and onboarding sessions as well as providing email and telephone support.

CEO Mick Devine says “There have been major disruptions to both our telephone and internet services because of damage to Telstra’s aging copper network. We’ve had to implement band-aid solutions using mobile phones and mobile broadband to communicate with our customers.”

Aside from losing power for a few days immediately after the cyclone, Calxa’s phone and internet have been subject to persistent problems since. Localised flooding has caused corrosion in the copper wiring and Telstra’s technicians appear to be struggling to keep up with the maintenance workload.

The National Broadband Network will be operational in some Townsville suburbs this month and in much of the rest of the regional city, including Calxa’s head office, by the end of the year. Mr Devine adds “Calxa is planning a significant international expansion and fibre to the premises is crucial to overcoming the limitations of distance, delivering a global service to our customers while growing employment opportunities in regional Queensland.” The increased speed and reliability of the NBN will enable Calxa to utilise advanced technologies such as live video training and VOIP (Voice over internet telephony).

About Calxa Australia

Calxa Australia delivers the leading budgeting and cashflow forecasting software for Not-For-Profit organisations and small businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. It integrates with accounting systems such as MYOB and QuickBooks, producing error-free reports quickly and easily. The company’s headquarters are in Townsville, Queensland.

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