When Garry told Debbie that he was going to take a long break and she better get her business in order, she never imagined how this would change her life over the next year. And change it forever.


Taking Stock and Planning

Garry proposed a long break, travelling to the Tip of Australia in Far North Queensland for a few months, taking stock and planning for their future empty nest.

Having built her successful MYOB consultancy business from their home base in Mossman, Far North Queensland, Debbie had adapted to her husband working many long hours, mostly away from home, catching up with his family on weekends whenever he could. Her life was finely tuned with responsibilities between looking after her clients, working long hours during BAS time and co-ordinating their domestic household. As a result, she was running on a 100% capacity, leaving little room to enjoy the good things in life like weekends away, voluntary work or catch-up coffee with girlfriends.


Handing Over Clients

The ultimatum from Garry sent her world into a spin. She had six months to arrange things. There was so much to do: handovers of her more complex clients to existing contract consultants, set up a mobile office, organise camping gear, and the list goes on.

“Figuring out what work I could do whilst on the road in remote areas was the biggest challenge. To be fair to my clients I had to admit that I would not be able to continue providing the same service remotely as I had done in the past. The kindest thing I could do for my largest client was to put them in the hands of a contract consultant. I was not only foregoing three months income but permanently foregoing income from my biggest client. That hurt. “

Debbie Innes


Working Remotely for 9 Weeks

After 9 weeks on the road, arriving home felt great. But home life would never be the same. Having to ease back into a “normal” life, Debbie had to recreate herself as a consultant and start rebuilding her business. She took on a casual position in finance with Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku Inc, a not-for-profit. She soon became an expert on using Calxa and appreciated the great features that saved her so much time allowing her to focus on improving other areas in the department.

“Calxa makes budgeting and Reporting so easy for any Project or Job based business – especially Not for Profits”

Since then, Debbie has joined the select group of Calxa Accredited Partners and has worked with numerous not-for-profits in FNQ assisting them in becoming more efficient and transparent and making their lives easier.So in August Debbie and Garry took off on their trip of a lifetime.

They had a camper trailer with some supplies and set off on the road to Cape York. Not knowing what internet access would be available Debbie decided to setup her business to work completely on its own while she was away. Debbie was surprised how quickly she adjusted to the life of a vagabond. Quiet nights under the stars, conversations by the fire, letting nature entertain, simply created meals on the camping stove and best of all; no ringing of phones or constant checking of emails. Surprisingly enough internet connection in Cape York is existent near all aboriginal communities so the urge to check emails did take over from time to time.


Becoming a Xero Advisor

Debbie has also embraced another new challenge and has become a Xero Advisor. She loves the mobility of Xero and how easy it is to teach her small business clients to look after their books.

“Now that I have tasted the life of a vagabond I saw Xero as an option that allows me to service clients remotely and easily no matter where I may be in Australia or overseas.”

Specialising in MYOB, Xero and Calxa, Debbie is in demand and busier than ever.

Debbie and Garry these days take time out to travel and often visit their daughter in Brisbane, go Barramundi fishing with their son and friends or go out to dinner together. Life is different….but better.

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