The upcoming Calxa Update will deliver more planning reports.

The next software update is not far away. We have it planned to go live for the week of the 7 November. We’ve got new report templates, new budgets and better delivery of scheduled reports. For those of you using MYOB 19.13, we’ve included the new MYOB ODBC driver to make installation easier on computers without MYOB.


Multi-Year Report Templates

While we’ve always had the ability to budget up to 15 years ahead, and store your actuals even if your accounting system is rolled over, most of our reports have been structured around a 12 month period. We’re adding 5 and 10 year templates to the Spreadsheet reports as well as the Cashflow and Balance Sheet Forecasts to give you more flexibility in your reporting.


Next Steps in Automation 

Many people new to Calxa, don’t have a budget as yet. Calxa serves as their tool to not only produce the budgets but it’s at this time they undergo the process of identifying income and costs. Many start out with last year’s actuals as a basis. Now, Calxa provides the option to automatically populate your budgets based on last year’s actuals on an ongoing basis, making rolling forecasts easy. Result: less work and more thinking time.

In response to customer feedback Calxa will now have the ability to schedule report bundles to be emailed to multiple recipients. So this could be multiple board members or the program manager and the CEO or even the bank manager and your accountant – all in one go.