Our latest update included the Bank Movement Spreadsheet report and the Waterfall chart which have gone down a treat. From this update we have found a few added extras to deliver to you in April.

We’re adding a report to compare actuals to budgets on bank movements for any date range – titled Bank Movements Budget v Actuals (subtle, we know). This will be especially useful for those of you trying to keep your bank manager happy. With the Bank Movement Waterfall chart we’re adding an option to sort by either account sequence (the way it is now) or by value. This will show the largest movements together, then the smaller ones.

Other enhancements are that  you’ll now be able to completely remove the report heading area, freeing up space on your reports. Reports will now automatically open to page width – the optimal view on most screens.

In the meantime our developers are working on our cloud journey and we’ll have something concrete to talk about next month.