Reporting Basics with Calxa Video

Now that you have signed up for Calxa, it’s time to get started. The Reporting Basics Webinar recording is a quick way to learn Calxa. This online session is aimed at helping you set up your reports.

Learn About

  1. How to select a report template
  2. Set report criteria
  3. Report on Business Units
  4. Add KPIs to your reports
  5. Bundle your reports with cover pages and commentary
  6. Automate your reporting with workflows
  7. Publish your final reports


Who Should Attend the Reporting Basics Webinar

Anyone who wants to learn how to use Calxa and has:

  • Signed Up for a Trial
  • Just bought Calxa
  • Joined a Finance Team using Calxa


After this Reporting Basics session, you will be able to prepare your management reports and deliver them automatically using the Calxa workflow functionality.

If you didn’t get a chance to join our other webinars, watch these recordings Budgeting Basics and Cashflow Basics to fast-track your learning.