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Personalised Session

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Overview of What is Possible

This live demo of Calxa will give you a good idea of the capabilities. Find out if Calxa will do what you need and is right for your organisation.

Answers to Your Questions

Identify early if Calxa is worth investing your time evaluating. Go through your questions with a Calxa expert and drill into the detail.

Discuss Your Requirements

Review your needs  anaysis and get help formulating a plan on how to proceed. It’s a good way to fast-track your evaluation.

Software Demonstration

Get a feel for how quickly you can create your budgets, get your first cash flow forecast and run some meaningful management reports.



Libby Mears - CEO, Leisure Networks

“It helps us track against key strategic direction so the board can understand how we are going.”

What you can expect


One-on-One with Experts

Speak with our team on integrating Calxa with your accounting system, delivering the reports you want.


Focus on your Needs

Book a Demo to get an opportunity to ask your questions and focus on how you can use Calxa to fit your needs.


30-min Session

These short sessions are designed to help you get started so you can evaluate Calxa during your trial.

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Fast-track your evaluation and find out if Calxa is right for you.