Budgeting Basics with Calxa Video

The Budgeting Basics webinar is a first point to getting started with Calxa. This webinar recording is aimed at helping you set up your budgets. 

 Learn About

  1. How to import existing budgets from Excel or your accounting system
  2. Use the Budget Factory to create multiple business unit budgets and years at once
  3. Enter and edit budgets manually
  4. Manage Budget Versions
  5. Print your Budget


Who Should Attend the Budgeting Basics Webinar

Anyone who wants to learn how to use Calxa and has:

  • Signed Up for a Trial
  • Just bought Calxa
  • Joined a Finance Team using Calxa


After this Budgeting Basics session, you will be able to create your business unit and company budgets in Calxa. You will be able to import your existing budgets, create new budget versions as well as quickly set up next year’s budgets using Calxa.

If you didn’t get a chance to join our other webinars, watch these recordings Reporting Basics and Cashflow Basics to fast-track your learning.