Adding notes to bundles will help polishing off your Financial Reports. Report bundles has been one of our most popular features. The ability to prepare and deliver multiple reports at the click of a button became a great time saver for many of our accounting and bookkeeping professionals who wanted to deliver client reports quickly and easily. Whilst this feature was universally applauded, it was soon apparent that one little thing was still missing.


A Bundle With The Lot

With the addition of text documents on bundles, you can now add much, much more to your report bundles. Rather than just a series of page by page reports, the bundle can include a cover page with a company logo, a table of contents, an executive summary, notes to financial statements including methodology used, disclaimers…the lists goes on and on. It is pretty much unlimited.

Any content from a word document can simply be copied and pasted into a New Document and placed anywhere within a bundle. Once copied into the New Document, it can be further edited or formatted within the bundle.


Imagine The Potential

This functionality now expands the power of Calxa to really become a one stop shop solution for reporting, analysing and commenting on any situation that may arise for a client. Delivering monthly or quarterly Management Reports becomes a breeze. Bank Loan Applications with further commentary and assumptions to address key banking criteria can be prepared at the click of a button. Notes to end of year Financial Statements highlighting the numbers for the year can be added along with charts.

If you are wanting more of a dashboard style presentation, simply prepare the charts, save as an image file and copy multiple charts onto one page. Add a debtors & creditors report by simply preparing it in the accounting software, save as an image into a Word document, and then copy and paste into your bundle.

You could even add a flyer to the end of your report bundle inviting the client to your annual golf day!!


We Are Not Stopping Here

This is just the beginning though. This functionality will only increase in future releases with even more in-house editing capabilities to allow adding notes to footers and headers of individual reports.

So give it a go. Set up some standard documents like a cover page or a disclaimer page. These can then be copied across and added to existing bundles. You will then have your perfect bundle, ready to be delivered according to your client’s taste.

Now, McDonalds aren’t the only ones that like to give their customers choice and the ability to ‘Create Your Own Taste”.