Use Calxa to create reports similar to BankLink’s

Since 1986, BankLink has been used by accountants to process client transactions. Long before the days of cloud accounting, it delivered bank transaction data and automatically coded them, saving hours of data entry. It also had very flexible reporting, giving both accountants and their clients, a good overview of business performance.

Nowadays, the most common accounting applications (Xero, MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Essentials, QuickBooks Online) have bank feeds and some system of rules to process transactions. Many accountants and their clients have moved (or are planning to move) to a more modern system for this and all the other benefits.


The Reporting Gap

After the move though, they often find that they no longer have access to the range of reports that is available in BankLink. They may have looked dated, but they contained useful data, data that forms the basis of many good conversations between accountant and client.

One of BankLink’s strengths is that it gives you choices in your reports. There’s a good choice of dates and date ranges; you can summarise information or show the details; it has a range of “cashflow” reports that give you different ways to compare actuals to budgets. Because the raw data is based solely on bank transactions it is always on a cash basis – there are no debtors or creditors to worry about.


Mapping BankLink Reports to similar Calxa Reports


BankLink Report
Calxa Report
Actual and BudgetUse the Budget Analysis templates. You’ll get similar choices for date ranges, cost centre reporting and also consolidations.
Current Year BudgetThe Spreadsheet Profit & Loss will give you this if you start from the beginning of the financial year and don’t show any actuals.
Actual + ForecastUse the Spreadsheet Profit & Loss again, but this time use Actual figures up to the report date.
Budget RemainingUse the Budget Summary (Unspent) template for this one.
Last Year Comparison The Budget Summary template Last Year Actuals does exactly this.
P & L with Last YearUse the Profit and Loss with Last Year Actual. Add some KPIs for something you can not do in BankLink.
Balance SheetUse the Balance Sheet with Last Year Actual template to replicate this report.
Trial BalanceThe Trial Balance with Month and YTD will fit the bill here.


Once you’re satisfied with each report, add it to a bundle and it’s ready to schedule delivery to your client every month. Then copy the bundle, change the organisation and you have the next client’s reports ready.

If you’re moving from BankLink, you don’t have to miss out on the reporting. Calxa will give you what you need and much, much more – and with less manual manipulation. Try it today and see how well it works for you.