Web Chats are a great way to continue learning and keep up to date. Whether you are new to Calxa or a veteran, with new topics each month there is something for everyone. Each month the Calxa team presents a new topic targeting different features of the software or particular challenges you might face in your organisation.

Our Web Chats are interactive sessions where you can ask questions throughout the presentation, the best part? You can login from just about anywhere. Essentially these sessions are for you, to get the most out of Calxa, so check out the upcoming topics below.

Information about the upcoming topics and registration links can always be found on our Web Chat page. If you have missed a session or can’t make it then you should also check out the Event Recordings page. Here you can download and watch previous event recordings including past Web Chat topics. Here is a taste of what is coming up.

Bundling my Board Reports

11 March 2015

In this session we will take an in depth look at the Report Bundles feature. You will learn how easy it is to prepare all your board reports with one click of a button. We will also take a look at different ways of presenting your data to your board. But this isn’t just a topic for those who are reporting to a board. Anybody who has a need to run multiple reports for some target audience such as a board, manager, owner or even themselves will find this topic useful. Perhaps you have some particular reporting needs that you need help with, well this is your opportunity to join us and ask the question.

NDIS: KPIs for Sustainability

15 April 2015

One of the many challenges facing the disability services industry with the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is identifying the costs of services provided.  In most cases you it will be necessary to understand the unit costs such as cost per participant for each of your activities. So in this Web Chat we are going to look at these challenges and how Calxa can be used to ease the burden.

Fast Track Next Year’s Budgets

13 May 2015

That’s right in May we want to help you get off to a cracking start with your 2015-16 financial year budgets. There are some great tools in Calxa such as the Budget Factory that can really make light work of all your program or department budgets. Join us in May if you want some tips on preparing next year’s budgets.

Understanding your Balance Sheet

10 June 2015

The balance sheet provides a good snapshot of the financial position of your organisation. Yet for many business owners it is a financial statement that is rarely looked at. In this session we will look at the reports, charts and KPIs drawn from your balance sheet that will add some value to your regular financial reporting (including some new charts and reports). An integral part of a cashflow forecast is a balance sheet budget so we will also take a close look at balance sheet budgets and how they tie into your cashflow. All in all a great session for anyone looking to master their balance sheet budgets and explore the available reporting.