We recently launched our new website and this gave us a great opportunity to re-think and re-design the way we deliver our training and support tools. We have always provided a number of options, but like all things with experience you learn what works best and what could be improved. Introducing the new Help Centre, where all the resources are in one place and can be searched together but independently of the rest of the website. That is the biggest change but there are some other key features so let me show you around, so you can make the most of our new Help Centre.

Video Tour

Watch this short video if you would like the quick video tour.

Browse by Category

We have four types of resources and they are all rolled up in one location. Click the Help Centre menu item in the main ribbon and you will see tiles for Event Recordings, Tips and Cool Ideas, Help Notes and Training Videos. Simply click on the tiles to browse by category.

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  • Event Recordings is where you can catch up and watch events you might have missed such as our monthly Web Chats or Getting Started Webinars.
  • Tip sand Cool Ideas is where we can share cool ideas or workarounds from the Calxa Community.
  • Help Notes (formerly Support Notes) contains step-by-step guides or theory based articles on all aspects of Calxa. Think of it as the Calxa manual.
  • Training Videos are short videos for the full visual demonstration on a specific task.

Search by Tags and Filters

There are many ways to go about finding help content, but the simplest of these is probably just to search by Tag or some other filter. On the Help Centre home page the Search box is front and centre but the same search functionality can be found on every page within the Help Centre to ensure you can easily modify or edit your search parameters and continue searching. If you are new to Calxa you might want to check out the content tagged as Getting Started as this contains a seven step guide to getting started as well as the Getting Started Webinars.


Searching with Keywords

You can search by the content title or the content itself and this can be a very powerful way to find the help you are looking for. When you are looking for some help articles, think about some keywords associated with the topic and plug them into the search box. Click Search and a list of articles that include the keywords will be displayed. For example if you are preparing budgets for a cashflow forecast and want to know how to handle accrued expenses then you could search the keyword ‘accrued’ or even narrow the search results by searching for ‘accrued expenses’.


The following rules apply to search results.

  • Where a single keyword is used the results will include all articles where the keyword appears at least once.
  • Where multiple keywords are used the search is not considered an exact match search but the results must include all keywords. In other words:
  • The results returned must contain all keywords at least once.
  • But the returned results may not include the exact key phrase.

Searching by Title

Sometimes you know exactly what you want and searching the title might be the most appropriate. For example, if you attended the recent Web Chat ‘KPIs for Sustainability’ you could search for ‘KPI’ in the title to find the archived recording.


Related Help or Similar Items Using Tags

If you have read an article and feel it still hasn’t quite answered your question or solved your problem, then you can easily continue searching similar content in two ways. Directly after the main content of the help item you will see the More Info… section. Each item is tagged with one or more tags that help linking similar items. Click a tag to see others items tagged with the same tag. Also some help items are specifically related to each other and you can browse directly to these other items by clicking on the link in the Related Help section.


Version Log

The version log is found at the bottom of the help centre and provides a full list of the Calxa updates and their version numbers. You can use the list to simply keep up to date on the latest version numbers or click through to the main article on each version to see what is new, improved or fixed in each release. This is a great place to start if you are looking for help after finding new features in your recently updated software. We will point out all the new changes and any new help material we have.


You can also keep up to date with the latest versions through the news feed in the Calxa dashboard. Click the titles in the dashboard newsfeed to link to the main article on the website.

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What if I Can’t Find What I’m looking for?

Our Help Centre has loads of content but sometimes your search just won’t return the results you’re after. Perhaps the terminology we use is different to your search terminology but whatever the reason you can always contact the Calxa support team by emailing [email protected] or phoning 1800 733 249 and they will be happy to point you in the right direction or answer your questions directly.