We’re sure you are fully aware of the tools and shortcuts that can be used in Calxa to quickly create budgets and forecasts. But have you thought about adding ‘sprinkles’ to your forecasts and reports with a few KPIs? Key Performance Indicators are a great way to monitor the health and trends of a business. They can be used on a holistic level, or they can be used to drill down and analyse certain areas within a business.

Default Financial KPIs

Within both our Express and Premier products, there are fourteen Default KPIs that are already built into the system and are available to be reported on; straight out of the box. The KPIs can easily be added to the Budget Summary Report, or the Spreadsheet Profit & Loss, simply by ticking the ‘Show Key Performance Indicators’ tick box in the Report Criteria.

Standard business Key Performance Indicators including:

  1. Debtor Days
  2. Gross Profit Margin
  3. Return on Assets
  4. Working Capital Ratio and more.


show kpis

Alternatively, you may want to display these KPIs by themselves, so in either of these reports, simply deselect ‘Show Accounts’ in the Report Criteria.

hide accounts

If you prefer this information in pictures, simply run a KPI Spreadsheet Chart and select the KPI that you want.

kpi chart

Why not create a KPI report bundle for your client?

Users of Premier have the added functionality of creating and customising their own KPIs through the KPI editor function. Why not think outside the square, and design something that is important to you and your client? For your Not-For-Profit & NDIS clients, it may be calculating Unit Costing which is the key indicator for the organisation. Or for business clients, why not use KPIs to help with complex forecasting like calculating overdraft interest, or Add Cumulative Net Profit to the Spreadsheet Report?

The possibilities are endless…

Agricultural Business

For an agricultural business, it may be Fertiliser Cost to Income Ratio or an Income per Hectare calculation.

Civil Construction Business

For a civil construction business, it may be Plant Repairs & Maintenance to Expense Ratio or a calculation of Income per Machine Hours.

Retail Business

For a retail business, it may be Advertising to Income Ratio or a calculation of the number of Website Hits to Income Ratio.


Just have a think about what is important to your client. Sometimes standard financial statements and reports will only give you so much information; KPIs give you the ability to drill into a particular area within an organisation, shine the spotlight and monitor trends accordingly.