The roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) commenced in earnest on 1 July impacting many not-for-profits. Moving from grant funding to customer-directed care requires service providers to change their existing business models and adopt a more corporate approach. “We operate in a market based environment. We now are competing really for people with disabilities to choose us,” says Libby Mears, CEO of Leisure Networks, a Geelong based organisation that made a successful transition to the NDIS.

Whilst the new funding model is a great win for participants with disability, delivering real choice and, for many, more independent living arrangements, it is challenging disability service providers. Amongst the issues are managing more detailed client records include handling an increasingly casual workforce and staying afloat with funding reaching them in retrospect – rather than the grant funding they used to get in advance.

It is imperative that a synergy exists between client records, staff work files and financial data to create a seamless link in the customer success process. Ms Mears echoes this based on her organisation’s experience, “Some of the key changes we have seen inside the organisation are very much around systems and processes.”

Today will see the launch of a collaborative effort between accounting software giant MYOB and some of its partners. “We’ve launched an initiative which will provide disability service providers with the best business solutions to transition to the NDIS,” says Tim Reed, CEO at MYOB.

The initiative is based on delivering, in a holistic way, a technology ecosystem to support organisations transitioning to the NDIS. MYOB Add-On Partners easyEmployer are well placed to solve complex rostering and payroll problems, including Award interpretation. Calxa will deliver the output in the form of reports and charts that make sense of the captured data so that CEOs and Boards can make well-informed decisions. This nurturing environment is complemented by a pool of MYOB Certified Consultants who are accounting specialists and ready to assist with the implementation process.

While many organisations are looking at expensive and complex ERP systems, others are looking for best-of-breed solutions to each of their problems and using the MYOB accounting system as a central hub for the flow of data. With modern integrations there is no duplication of effort, there is a reduction in staff training time and the organisation gets a robust, flexible system that can grow as the business expands.

Adopting any new system is a challenge in itself. When there are multiple changes, co-ordination is imperative to harmonise the flow of data. Done effectively this can make or break an organisation. Leisure Networks is proof of a successful application of this model. Ms Mears proudly says, “The National Disability Insurance Scheme has really helped us expand our services and expand our impact.” Calxa CEO, Mick Devine adds to this, “There are many organisations that see the NDIS as a threat. Leisure Networks have seen it very much as an opportunity and have put systems in place early, planned ahead.”

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