Re-developed back-end infrastructure ensures scalability of Calxa Online

Whilst most of us have been spending time in the pool and playing cricket in the back yard, our Dev team has been most diligent.

Infrastructure Re-Design

Our developers have been busy working on the back-end infrastructure of Calxa Online and have enabled some important improvements to performance, especially with updating from your accounting system and retrieving and saving data generally. This change won’t solve every performance issue but our testing shows it’s making a big difference to those updates.

The next priority is then to improve opening times on the report screens – that won’t be too far away.

We’ll be transferring users to the new platform gradually over the next month or so. If you want to be amongst the first, just get in touch with our Customer Support team at [email protected].


New Interface

In the next couple of days and, hopefully, before the end of January, we will go live with the newly designed user interface for Calxa Online. Sporting a dashboard and a newly structured workflow screen, we think you will like it too.  This is still a work in progress and will need a few more design tweaks but we would love your feedback on both the new look and the functionality. Email your thoughts to [email protected]. You can check progress on this project in our Building Calxa Online – the Diaries which also has a link to the app.