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Know the price of your services and activities so you can deliver the service

What is Unit Costing?

It’s about understanding the costs of each individual service or activity you provide. In simple terms; It’s the total cost of the service divided by the number of services provided.

Why do Unit Costing?

It will give you an understanding of how the cost of your services compares to the price you receive for them. It’s an important part of calculating the viability of the services provided.


Who needs Unit Costing?

Ideally, everyone should be doing it. Disability and Aged Care service providers are at the forefront of changes in the Not-for-Profit sector and use unit costing to manage the transformation.

Tracking the costs of our activities is simple with Calxa. Eliminating spreadsheets has given us quicker, more reliable reports and better decision-making.

Mark Heinz

Corporate Services Manager, Greystanes Disability Services


Dissecting your Service Delivery

Better understand what is involved in providing your services


Record actuals and budgets for your non-financial information to combine with your accounting data.

Scenario Budgets

Prepare a ‘best case’ and ‘worst case’ budget and then run a comparison line chart to get a quick visual.

KPIs Calculator

Use the KPI calculator to work out the margins of your individual services or activities.


What we Deliver

We designed and built this app for the end-user. Our top criteria is ‘Must be Easy’.

Get NDIS Ready!

Check out our free book ‘ Unit Costing for Dummies’ to guide your through the process step-by-step. It shows how you would apply this using MYOB as your accounting system… but really it works with any system.

What Customers Say

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It's like air-conditioning. Once you've had it, you can't go without it.

Michelle Brown

Owner, Oakleaf Bookkeeping

We have now been using Calxa coming onto 6 years. It still works a treat.

Trevor McFarlane

Business Manager, Leisure Networks

I'm a raving fan. The most enjoyable budgeting experience I've ever had.

Joanna Williamson

Owner, Golden Goose Foods Ltd

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