Calxa is to introduce a range of KPI reporting option will allow users to choose from a set of accounting ratios to create KPI reports that are meaningful. This new reporting feature will allow users to choose from a set of accounting ratios or indices to create KPI reports that are meaningful. Perhaps it is Gross Profit Margin, Wages Ratio or Return on Assets. Either way it will be as simple as selecting a KPI, set a date range and run a report. A spreadsheet report with all KPIs together will assist in illustrating changes month by month and will form part of a useful board or management report. 

KPIs to Benefit Customers

Calxa CEO, Mick Devine, says “I’m excited by the work our team has done on KPIs. These ratios will add more performance management tools and enable our customers to benchmark their businesses.” He further adds, “This new feature will equally benefit out small business clients and the not-profits. KPIs and cashflow projections will undoubtedly improve the level of information provided to management and boards.”

The new reporting will be available in both Calxa Premier and Express. Calxa Premier customers can also look forward to creating their own customisable KPIs.


What are KPIs

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. It is a performance measurement tool and is considered important in leading to potential improvements. KPIs are commonly used to evaluate the success of an organisation, a business unit or department or particular activities. It can be used to track operational goals or progress made towards reaching strategic objectives.