The Calxa Roadmap for 2023 kicked off with a couple of new reports but the first real feature update was the centralised Metrics configuration. There’s much more to come though and the year will start with a bang in February and March with customisable dashboards.



Calxa Releases for 2022 in Review

Before we start with the Calxa roadmap for 2023, we should review an amazing 2022. We started the year with big improvements to budgets. We started the year finalising Business Unit Trees and releasing Report Styles. But there was more.


Grouping and Ordering

Throughout 2022 we worked on improving your ability to have things in the order you wanted:

  • Grouping report bundles to manage long lists
  • Grouping and ordering KPIs both when editing and reporting
  • Finally, grouping and sorting Metrics. This included the option of only assigning them to the organisations and business units where you need to use them.


Report Improvements

Reporting is at the heart of what we do at Calxa and making it easier for you is key to our mission. The team delivered on:

  • New Comparison reports across entities for Cashflow Forecasts, Cashflow Statements and the Trial Balance
  • Pre-set date options to make it easier to choose the right date ranges while maintaining the flexibility you need
  • Adding multi-period flexibility to most charts
  • Workflow attachments with a choice of Excel or PDF


Third Generation Account Tees Topped the List

Our most popular change of the year was the introduction of our 3rd Generation Account Trees:

  • Using one Account Tree across many companies
  • Sub-totals and calculated rows
  • Including KPIs in the body of the Account Tree



What Does the Calxa Roadmap for 2023 Look Like?

We’ve been collecting your feedback for many years and that forms the basis for our planning each year. Our goal is to give you the tools you need so you can produce your budgets and monthly reports as efficiently as possible.

Here’s what we are planning for the Calxa Roadmap for 2023. Of course, with the caveat that we do review this roadmap quarterly so the details can change! To keep up-to-date, come along to our quarterly webinars or check out our change logs on the latest releases.


Dashboards are in Production

As we write this article, our team are busy working on producing flexible, customisable dashboards for you. They will be released in stages in the first quarter of 2023.

  1. Step 1 will be a selection of pre-set dashboards that you can use with any organisation or Organisation Group, export to PDF and add to a Report Bundle.Calxa Roadmap - Dashboards
  2. Step 2 will give you access to the designer so you can customise your own charts and dashboard layouts.
    • Choose the data for the chart
    • Select the chart type that suits


Improving the Report Builder

One of the challenges of having many reports with flexible options is that it can get hard to find the right reports. We’re working on that this year with a list of improvements to make:

  • Much better search on report names, descriptions and keywords is coming soon
  • Easier switching between templates, especially in Report Bundles
  • A new layout for the reports, making it easier to see what’s there
  • Bulk edits in Report Bundles


Transaction Sync will expand horizons

For the past 15 years we’ve worked with monthly totals extracted from the accounting system. We’re currently working on replacing that and bringing in all the transaction details. Our first motivation is to give you faster sync with your Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks data and that’s the focus for the first half of the year.

But once we have that data, there’s a long list of suggestions you’ve given us on what to do with it:

  • Top of the list is Accounts Payable and Receivable reports (consolidated of course)
  • Then there’s commitment reporting including purchase orders
  • And all sorts of detailed reports we can’t do currently. Let us know what is important to you!


Enterprise Integrations

We’re not neglecting our bigger customers and we have plans in the 2nd half of the year to build integrations with some of the ERP systems you are using. Top of the request list currently are:

  • Microsoft Business Central
  • MYOB Advanced
  • And NetSuite


Security Certification

We know that security is important to you and our team takes good care of your data. We are adding more structure to our security approach in 2023 and working towards formal certification with the international standard, ISO 27001. This is involving rigorous review of all our systems, processes and risk management, adding additional external audit checks. The full certification process is likely to take a couple of years but we’ve taken the first steps.



Feedback on the Calxa Roadmap

We couldn’t do this without your support, engagement and feedback. We blush when you tell us you like things, we learn when you tell us what isn’t so good. Please don’t be shy and tell us what would make a difference to you.