The Calxa Roadmap for 2024 started with quicker, more robust synchronisation by transaction for Xero and then MYOB users and this forms the foundation for a series of transaction reports through the year. There’s budget improvements in the near future and a massive improvement in report flexibility planned for the second half. Read on for the details!



Calxa Releases for 2023 in Review

Before we start with the Calxa roadmap for 2024, we should review a successful 2023. The headliner was customisable dashboards but there was much more.


Custom Dashboards

Throughout the year we worked on Dashboards, delivering the functionality in phases.

  • Pre-set dashboards with something to suit everyone
  • Custom dashboard builder
  • Adding dashboards to a report bundle
  • Custom data sources for dashboards
  • Create dashboard tiles from templates


Flexibility with Budget Layouts and Navigation

Giving you more options on how to add your budgets and save time in the most laborious of tasks.


Making Reporting Easier

This is our ongoing quest and it’s only the start.

  • Improved template selection
  • Easier configuration of reports
  • Bulk edit of report bundles


Ease of Use Improvements

Feedback gathered over the past couple of years set the priorities to these improvements:

  • Making it easier to add and remove organisations from your subscription
  • Labeling Xero tracking categories to match Xero
  • Optimising report bundles for Excel export
  • Notifications on unsaved changes
  • Keyboard shortcuts for budget changes
  • Currency translation reports to explain differences
  • Send invoices to additional contacts


Transaction Synchronisation

This dramatically reduces the time it takes to sync your data and most customers have now been transitioned to the new method. This also provides the framework for transaction reports in 2024.



What Does the Calxa Roadmap for 2024 Look Like?

We’ve been collecting your feedback for many years and that forms the basis for our planning each year. Our goal is to give you the tools you need so you can produce your budgets and monthly reports as efficiently as possible.

Here’s what we are planning for the Calxa Roadmap for 2024. Of course, with the caveat that we do review this roadmap quarterly so the details can change! To keep up-to-date, come along to our quarterly webinars or check out our change logs on the latest releases.


Expand your budget options

Does your budget need an account that isn’t in the accounting system? Does it include budgets for a project that may or may not happen? You’ll be able to create unlinked accounts or business units for budgets and then later choose to push the to Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks.

Sub-accounts will add detail to your budgets and we’re making scenarios more flexible so you can take a main budget and combine it with 1, 2 or more scenarios.


Reports on Transactions

We’re starting this project with detailed transaction lists by account, business unit and date range, closely followed by aged payables and receivables reports – for one or more organisations.


Customisable Reports for Anyone

Our report designer is very powerful but we recognise that it has a steep learning curve. We have 2 projects to minimise  your need to get technical:

  1. Column number selection: For multi-column reports like the Comparison reports or the P&L with Projected total, we’ll replace the 12-month, 24-month, 12-quarter options with a choice of how many months, quarters or years you want (the same way the charts work).
  2. The big bang will come later in the year with drag and drop selection of reports. Choose which columns you want and what order. Simple!


Options for our Enterprise customers

We’ve had more and more people using Calxa with ERP systems such as MYOB Advanced, Microsoft Business Central and NetSuite. 2024 is the year we are working on direct integrations. We’re still deciding on the sequence but we’re confident that we can get them all done.


The Boring, but Necessary, Bits

You may not notice the improved security of your data as we finalise our ISO 27001 certification but you can be assured that we’re working to keep it safe. We hope that you will notice the snappier performance – we are working on removing some roadblocks we’ve identified over the past few months. And we’ll keep doing some of the smaller changes to improve the bits you find frustrating, helping you to work more productively.




Feedback on the Calxa Roadmap

We couldn’t do this without your support, engagement and feedback. We blush when you tell us you like things, we learn when you tell us what isn’t so good. Please don’t be shy and tell us what would make a difference to you.